2020 Digital Marketing Checklist

2020 Digital Marketing Checklist

This decade went by FAST! Can you believe we are entering into the year 2020 in just a few months!!?? It is never too early to start planning ahead especially in business to get ready for the new year. Do you have a budget for 2020? Do you have a Marketing Plan / Calendar for 2020? Many businesses know a full year advance month by month what their featured products and services will be. Do you plan out this in advance? There certainly is benefit to being prepared and planning your marketing strategy as far in advance as possible.

There are other ways that you can prepare for success for the new year, and that is to take a step back and do an inventory of your digital marketing foundations NOW.

Here is a Digital Marketing Checklist of 10 items that you can do now to get your marketing ready for the year 2020.

1. Audit Your Social Media Profiles

Now is a great time to audit your social media profiles to ensure they are optimized, consistent and current. Is your profile picture / logo the same on all social media platforms? Is your cover photo / banner current and up to date? Is your bio and about section updated? Sometimes during the new businesses add new products or services, or take some away and this does not get reflected in their social media bios.

2. Audit Your Social Media Audiences

When you review who you are following and who is following you on social media accounts such as Twitter & Instagram – are the accounts still active? Are they still relevant to your business? There is no better feeling that cleaning up your audience list and removing any inactive accounts or quite frankly followers or those you are following that just don’t engage with you.

3. Check for Website Errors

Does your website contain any errors? Broken links, spelling errors, missing alt tags. Errors on your website can harm your SEO results. Lower SEO results can directly negatively impact your bottom line. Keeping your website maintained and free of errors is critical to success. Would you like a free audit of your website? My team at Dufferin Media would be happy to provide you with a FREE AUDIT

4. Review Your Website Content

Okay this is a BIG one. Please take a look over page by page the content on your website. Is it updated? Relevant? Are your pictures recent? All products and services up to date? Hours correct? Does your website need a refresh? Remember websites have a shelf life of approx 2 years, so it is important to keep your website looking fresh and modern in order to have an edge over your competition and convert more customers.

5. Make sure you have an SSL Certificate

I am still seeing some small businesses and blogs that have not yet installed an SSL certificate. You may be missing out on valuable Google and Visitor traffic if you do not have an SSL certificate.

What is an SSL Certificate?

An SSL certificate scrambles data as it flows between your website and its visitors. Everything is encrypted — including non-sensitive information, as well as names, passwords and banking details. Improve your website security with an SSL certificate — it ensures a private connection between you and your site visitors.

If you do not have an SSL certificate some website browsers will warn visitors away from your website. Search engines for ranking purposes also consider SSL certificates when awarding rankings.

6. Check your Google My Business Results

If you have a Google My Business account, I suggest that you login on a regular basis and audit the information, update new photos, and add updated “posts”. Double check from a browser in the search results how your business is appearing. Google my business also has powerful insights that will show you key indicators of how your business is performing on the search engine.

If you do not have Google My Business yet, if you haven’t claimed it or set it up there is no better time than now to add this to your strategy going into 2020.

7. Update your Email Lists

I’ll be honest, this is one of my weaknesses. I need to have a better procedure in place to make sure my email database is updated with new contacts on a regular basis. So I will make this one of my goals for 2020. In addition to making sure my email lists are updated with new contacts, it is also a great time to consider segregating your lists. If you have more than one type of current or potential client you can really have effective email marketing in place that sends a certain message to a certain audience. For example: current clients, past clients, potential clients…etc.

8. Audit other Websites for your Business Info

This is a great little checklist item that can have a big impact on your business. Where else is your business showing up in cyberspace and what information is being shown? For example, if you have multiple directory listings such as on your local board of trade, or a listing on YELP or the Better Business Bureau – what information do they have? Make sure that anywhere your business is showing up that the information is current and correct! A few quick google searches and digging a few pages in should show you this information.

So prime example right here after doing this search I realized that the Yellow Pages has the OLD Dufferin Media address.

9. Check the Forms on your Website

If you have contact forms, or lead generation forms of any kind on your website it is important to test them on a regular basis. Websites can be tricky sometimes. Once recently I had not updated plugin on my website and my contact form was not sending me the emails notifying me of new leads. Luckily I discovered this quickly, updated the plugin and hopefully did not lose any potential customers.

10. Have a Digital Marketing STRATEGY for 2020

My final checklist item might be the most important. Heading into 2020 sit down and write out a digital marketing strategy. It might include things like: What are my goals for 2020? How to I plan to work on those goals? What digital marketing tools will I use and how to achieve those goals?

Having a clearly define plan of action (aka a strategy) and implementing that strategy in the new year will set you up for a great chance of success.

Wishing you the best for 2020 and beyond!

Can I help you with anything in your business? my emails are always open sarah@dufferinmedia.ca