4 Tips to Handle an Angry Customer

4 Tips to Handle an Angry Customer

4 Tips on How to deal with an angry customer
4 Tips on How to deal with an angry customer

4 Tips on How to Deal with an Angry Customer

Day #63/365 Daily Tips: Here are a few tips on how to deal with an angry customers.

Recently our local Orangeville Swiss Chalet was the subject of a viral video shot by a customer of an irate woman yelling at an employee. Below is a link to the video. The employee was completely calm the entire time. I think she deserves a raise!

Posted by Becca-Leigh Anderson on Sunday, February 24, 2019

So how can you handle an irate customer? Here are 4 tips:

Tip#1: Remain Calm

No matter how the customer is behaving you need to remain calm, keep your voice level and respond calmly. That being said – if the customer is yelling and swearing at you (as was in this case – do you subject yourself to that? – you certainly don’t have to and could walk away)

Tip#2: Apologize Even If you are Right

In most cases the irate customer just wants an apology. Whether you are dealing with an angry customer in person, on the phone or online – I suggest the very first action you take is to say you are sorry. I.e. I am so sorry to hear that you are unhappy –

Tip#3: Ask the customer how you can make it better

It’s really hard to know what type of day the customer is having – I mean we all have bad days right. Put the question back to them – “I am so sorry to hear you are unhappy – what can I do to make this right”? Sometimes they just need to vent. (in the case of the Swiss Chalet video I mean honestly she was just rude and needed to go I don’t think anything could have made her happy. It’s Swiss Chalet – there are going to be kids there!)

Tip#4: See if you can Learn from the complaint

It’s a good time to review your business policies if the customer is complaining and angry about an actual item in your business that needs to be looked at. Listening to an angry customer might actually be your best source of growth.


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