B2B Content Tip Share Useful Tips

B2B Content Tip Share Useful Tips

business to business b2b content tip social media
business to business b2b content tip social media

Business to Business Content Tip

Wahoo Day #50 out of 365 tips every single day for one year! B2B? Business to Business marketing on social media is just critical as for B2C (business to consumer). Many struggle with what to share? What type of content is good for b2b for social media? One suggestion is to share useful tips with your audience. Who is your audience? Mine for example is mostly owner operated businesses and entrepreneurs and solopreneurs. I can share tips that might be useful in their business or daily life as a business owner.

Share Useful Tips on Social Media

Once you have identified your audience, you can perhaps try to empathize with what struggles they might be having and search for / create content accordingly. One of my most popular posts was as simple as sharing a tip on how I stay organized on a daily basis.

What type of Tips can I share on Social Media for B2B

  • How to stay organized
  • Hiring / staffing tips
  • Tips on office organization
  • Tips on selling / sales for B2B
  • Tips on marketing
  • Tips on increasing online exposure i.e. website traffic
  • Tips on communications – i.e. email / computer/ phone “How to get the most of your Gmail” or

The more we can connect with our target audience, the more we will grow. The more we help each other, the more help we will get back.


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