What are your company values

What are Your Company Values

What are your Company Values? Article#5 of the Business Foundation Series. Define your Core Company Values. This is part of your branding process, and defining what your values are is a key part of establishing a tone for your business. What do I mean by tone? Well the look and feel of your business. This…
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what is your mission statement

What is your Mission Statement?

What is your Mission Statement? Article #4 in the Business Foundations Series. Let’s recap – so far I have reviewed: What is your business name What is your logo What is your tagline Now I move onto the next piece of your Branding. Defining a Mission Statement for you business. What is a Mission Statement?…
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Use Positive Words and Phrases

Customer Service Tip: Use Positive Phrases

Customer Service Tip:  Use Positive Phrases Recently I came across an awesome list of positive words and phrases that I felt would be great to share. I hope you find this helpful as I feel this can be applied to customer service, social media, and in our daily interactions with everyone! Here are 9 Positive…
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what is your business tagline

What is your Tagline?

What is your Tagline? This is the third article in my business foundation series. I am writing about business foundations because often business owners that I work with have skipped some of the steps of setting up their brand or business foundations and sometimes its just good to get back to basics. What is a…
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Business Foundations what is your business name

What is your Business Name

Business Foundation Series : What is your Business Name For every single client that I work with for social media management and digital marketing consulting I use the same 3 step proven method for success. I help clients define: Branding + Strategy + Implementation If you have the foundations of your business in place (Branding)…
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Business Tip Support Each Other

Business Tip: Support Each Other

We Rise By Lifting Others Day#145/365 Daily Tips. I just can’t say this often enough. The more we as entrepreneurs, and as women, and as business women, support each other – the better the chance we will all succeed together. There is more than enough business and clients and opportunities in this world for us…
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hashtag tips

Hashtag Tips

Hashtag Tips for your Social Media Posts Day#144/365 Daily Tips! Yesterday I came across a really good post on Social Media for a local restaurant that had a great image, great text, but then the hashtags were posted all together with no spaces. Like this: #mytown#restaurant#lunch#food If you do not use spaces between your hashtags…
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World Hunger Day

May 28th World Hunger Day

World Hunger Day May 28th is World Hunger Day. As many of you know poverty and hunger is an issue that is near and dear to my heart. I raised in a financially insecure environment, and I witness poverty and hunger in my community every week. At my local food bank I am given a…
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Instagram Tip Always respond to comments

Instagram Tip Always Reply to Comments

Instagram Tip Always Reply to Comments Day#142 / 365 Daily Tips. If one of your business goals is to increase the results of your Instagram accounts here is a quick tip: Always Reply to your Comments! Instagram the second largest social media network in the world. Are you using this powerful platform effectively? Is your…
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