How many boards should I have on Pinterest

Pinterest Tip

How Many Boards Should I have on Pinterest Tip #47 / 365: If you are using Pinterest for your Marketing (good for you it’s awesome) the suggested number of boards for maximum results is 15-20! I personally always thought 5 boards was enough, but since I’ve been using Pinterest more on a daily basis and…
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include video as part of your social media content plan

Social Media Tip Use Video as part of your Content Plan

How to start using Video as part of your social media content plan Day #46 / 365 Social Media Marketing Tips. Good morning friends hope you are ready for the WEEKEND because I know I am!! Today my tip is to start using video in your content plan. This is one of my own personal…
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how to use google alerts for social listening about your business

Social Listening Tip Set up a Google Alert with your Business Name

How to use Google Alerts to Monitor your Business online Social listening is any action where you are monitoring (listening) to what is being said about your business or brand online in situations where you may not be directly tagged.   Social listening can have many benefits to your business by giving you insights into…
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entrepreneur tip learn something new everyday

Entrepreneur Tip Learn Something New Everyday

Entrepreneur Tip Learn Something New Everyday Day 44 / 365 Tips! Learn something new everyday! As an entrepreneur I believe it is very important to always be learning and growing. Remain open minded and teachable so you can grow and change with trends in the marketplace and online. As a social media consultant, and owner…
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public relations tip

PR TIP Always Share your news stories with media!

Public Relations Tip: Always share your news with the media – they can’t cover what they don’t know about! Tip #43 / 365 : Public Relations Tip – If your business or organization has something new or newsworthy be sure to share this information with local media outlets. The media cannot cover what they don’t…
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Instagram Tip Comment on Popular Posts to Increase your own Engagement

Instagram Tip Comment on Popular Posts

How to Increase Engagement on Instagram: Comment on Popular Posts Day #41 / 365 of Tips! Subscribe to my blog for daily tips delivered to your inbox! Tip for today – if one of your goals is to increase your reach and engagement on Instagram one of the strategies you can use is to comment…
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respond to complaints quickly on social media

Respond to Complaints Quickly On Social Media

How Quickly Should you be Responding to Customer Complaints on Social Media? Tip #41 / 365: Respond to Customer Complaints Quickly on Social Media! Unhappy customers that post a complaint on your social media expect to receive a response within 60 minutes! The longer they have to wait, the more unhappy they become. The average…
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How to use Paid Boosts on Facebook for Better Results to your Page

Facebook Tip: Use Paid Boosts to Increase Results

Facebook Tip: Use Paid Boosts to Get more Likes, Comments, Followers to your Facebook Page Tip of the Day #40 / 365….Allocate a budget for paid boosts on Facebook. Even a small budget will keep your page growing. It just isn’t enough on Facebook any more to hope for free growth. Some growth you will…
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Social Media Tip: Schedule your Posts in Advance

Social Media Tip: Schedule your Posts in Advance

How to save time managing your social media: schedule your posts in advance Tip #39 / 365 Schedule your social media posts in advance. Trust me – taking the time to sit down and plan out a schedule of social media topics, creating your content in advance and scheduling it to your social media platforms…
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avoid using slang or jargon in your social media content

Avoid Using Jargon or Slang in your Social Media Posts

Social Media Content Tip: Avoid the use of slang or jargon Tip #38 of 365 : Avoid the use of slang or jargon in your social media content. Not only does it look unprofessional, but it has a very high chance of annoying or offending your audience. Slang is defined as “a type of language…
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