Non Profit Feature LGTBQ

Non Profit Feature: Youth Outlook

Non Profit Feature: Youth Outlook is a Non-Profit organization supporting the LGBTQ Youth community in Chicago Illinios.

Non Profit Feature Hilton’s Heroes

It is truly amazing how the universe works.  I grew up in a home environment that was financially insecure, and my family had to access the services of our local food bank here in Orangeville.  When I grew up and shortly after I started my business, Dufferin Media, which offered social media management services to…
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free business goals worksheet

Revisit your Goals on a Regular Basis

Many business owners, such as myself, have goals for our business.  Goals for growth, increased revenue, success.  Most business owners, myself included, usually will write down our goals at the beginning of each year, and then often forget about them.  What I have found to be incredibly useful in my own business is to make…
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my big fat jam collaboration video

Supporting Local Musicians

I am a huge fan of the local music scene here in Orangeville.  We are blessed with so many talented artists and bands that give us a great gift – music.  I believe that music creates a sense of community, offers happiness, joy, and love.  I’m sure wherever you live you can relate to sitting…
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Online Workshop Digital Marketing

Online Workshop: Digital Marketing Foundations

FOUNDATIONS OF DIGITAL MARKETING This is a 6 week online workshop to learn the foundations of digital marketing.  Topics to be covered will include (but not be limited to): Hosting, email, and website foundations Blogging SEO Google My Business Social media platforms Social media content – what to share / when How to grow your…
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marketing tips covid19

Tips for Marketing as your Business Reopens after COVID19

Here in Ontario most of the province shut down the week of March 17th.  I remember because it was March Break, and St.Patrick’s Day celebrations were immediately cancelled.  That was TWO months ago.  We have been in quarantine for about 8 weeks.  Businesses and schools shut down, most people staying home and only venturing out…
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From Trauma to Triumph by Sarah Clarke

From Trauma to Triumph

Last summer I attended the Toronto Waterfront Awards where I met a woman that offered me the opportunity to become a published author.  At the time, I was just starting to gain some self esteem and confidence after working with an NLP and business coach.  I hesitated, but did reluctantly agree.  Something inside of me…
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20 questions to ask on social media

20 Questions to Ask on Social Media to Encourage Engagement

Are you looking to increase the engagement on your social media posts?  One strategy you can use to do this is to ask questions to encourage your audience to respond.  I find using questions as part of our content mix really helps to increase engagement, interaction, and can also be a huge source of valuable…
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Marketing for non-profit organizations

Fundraising Superheroes Podcast

Fundraising Superheroes is a podcast celebrating the every day fundraising superheroes working to make our world a better place. I would like to thank the host, Sabrina Sciscente, for inviting me onto her podcast as a guest to discuss making a non-profit organization stand out online! It was a topic near and dear to my heart,…
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Pinterest Workshop

Free Online Pinterest Workshop

FREE ONLINE PINTEREST WORKSHOP There are over 320 MILLION monthly active Pinterest users! Pinterest is a huge source of website traffic, and is a very strong tool to use in your SEO strategy. How can your business maximize Pinterest?  Improve your Search Engine Results Drive traffic to your Website Generate sales to your online store…
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