Business Feature Fresh Starts Registry

Business Feature Fresh Starts Registry

Fresh Starts Registry

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Business Feature Fresh Starts Registry

I am so excited to feature this business Fresh Starts Registry and celebrate business owners Olivia and Genevieve!  Their unique business model is such a "fresh" and NEEDED concept in todays society.

They have identified a niche for people who have gone through major life changes such as divorce, death, or loss of some sort, and are offering a solution to help them celebrate their new start with support from experts AND a gift registry!

For me personally, as someone who has gone through a couple of fresh starts myself (and a nasty divorce) I wish this resource had been available to me when I needed it.  I can really relate to the feeling of hopelessness and feeling lost as to what to do next after a breakup.  It is so difficult to navigate trauma, divorce, endings, and new beginnings, - to have a handy reference of support at my finger tips would have been very welcomed.  The registry / gift list idea is amazing - and literally being guided to buy fresh linens after a breakup - incredibly simple but accurate.  I can personally attest to this unfortunately.    Women should consider registries for other stages of their life, even if they don't share the link with others, it is a handy action tool towards feeling better about yourself.

Learn more about this amazing business below:


A Fresh Start begins with brave decisions, bold moves, and brand new linens.

We believe in celebrating Fresh Starts, new beginnings, and brave choices.

It’s time to re-think the registry for when you really need it most.

Business Name Fresh Starts Registry
Business Owner Name Olivia Dreizen Howell + Genevieve Dreizen
Location New York
Social Media Links IG: 






Main contact name Olivia Dreizen Howell
Email [email protected]
What does your business do?  

What problem does your business solve?  

How did you get started in business?

Fresh Starts Registry is the first and only platform for everything you need to begin again. Our registry and product recommendations include all of the physical items you need to start again, and our resource guide of vetted experts includes all of the people you need to support you on your journey. As an expert, membership in the Fresh Starts Expert Community supports you in your business development, marketing, communications, social media, and PR! 

Fresh Starts Registry eliminates the overwhelm of having to figure out what and who you need to go through life changes. We believe everyone is worthy of a registry and we celebrate brave decisions and life changes. We are the registry for life; as life is full of major changes! We believe every milestone should be honored and supported by your community. As an expert, we help them grow their business with marketing, business, and media support so they can focus on their clients. Our experts think of the Fresh Starts Expert Community like an extension to their business! 

Olivia Drezien Howell has been in the marketing space for almost 2 decades, as the founder and CEO of March Lion Media, a global social media management firm. March Lion Media has worked with hundreds of small businesses in order to help them boost their digital footprint and bolster their online presence. And now, we’re passionate about helping people celebrate their life changes, including divorce, breakup, stepping into their truth, job changes, moving, and more - as well as are passionate about helping experts grow their business so they can help others! 

Current goals of your business As of now we have 50+ experts in our resource guide and Fresh Starts Expert Community and we’re excited to get our name out there and grow the resource guide! Our experts include everything from divorce lawyers and realtors to healers, coaches, astrologers, yoga teachers, and so much more! Our current goal is to get our name out there so people know there’s a registry and resource guide to support them during life changes, and that experts know there’s a unique community for them to help grow  their business, meet other life-changing experts, and get their name out there! 
Current challenges of your business Our current challenge is getting our name out to experts to join the Fresh Starts Expert Community! Membership in the Fresh Starts Expert Community includes a huge amount of support to help you establish your brand as an Expert, build your digital footprint and bolster your online presence. With over 20 years of experience in social media management, marketing + communications, public relations, business development, and events, the founders of Fresh Starts Registry are here to help our Experts establish their brand, build their digital footprint and bolster their online presence. With support in social media, PR, communications, content creation, SEO, networking, business development, and much more, we’re here to support the experts who are passionate about supporting their clients.

Monthly membership is $37/month and includes: 

➜ An SEO-optimized stand-alone profile on the Fresh Starts Expert Guide that reaches thousands of people a month

➜ Exclusive press and media opportunities (see our Experts in the press!)

➜ Weekly virtual coworking sessions

➜ Monthly workshops with world-class Experts on marketing, business development, public relations, and more

➜ Monthly Lunch + Learn seminars featuring Experts from well-known social media, PR, business, or communications companies

➜ Engaging networking events to meet other Experts and expand your network with meaningful business connections 

➜ Access to full library of video lessons and educational content from marketing experts and specialists

➜ Exclusive access to a Slack channel for real time business support and community

➜ Opportunity to develop social media and SEO optimized content to bolster your brand

➜ Plus, write off the entire cost of membership as a legitimate business expense!

The Fresh Starts Expert Guide features experts and services in the following topics, but is certainly not limited to:

life coaches, therapists, divorce coaches, realtors, grief counselors, dating coaches, lawyers, style coaches, mortgage lenders, insurance brokers, yoga teachers, nutritionists, reiki healers, fitness coaches, home organizers, empowerment coaches, DIY experts, interior designers, career coaches, resume coaches, co-parenting coaches, matchmakers, financial planners, hairdressers, trauma coaches, astrologers, spiritual guides, business coaches, and more.

Any other comments? We’re growing quickly and now is the time to sign on as an Expert! We’re so passionate about empowering people through life changes, and our Experts are the backbone of this empowerment. We love our Expert Community and we just want anyone who helps people through life changes to know we’re here and ready for you!! 


I actually think I will take the leap and sign up as an expert on Fresh Starts Registry.  I would love to help women be able to take a fresh new look at their business and help them get a strategy in place to overcome the past and work towards a successful future.

So if you are an expert in your field and would like to sign up here is the link:

You can also help support this business by connecting with them on all social media platforms, and signing up for their email newsletter.


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