Business Feature Kait Lemus Portillo

Business Feature Kait Lemus Portillo

Kait Lemus Portillo

Business Feature Kait Lemus Portillo

Business Feature Kait Lemus Portillo

I must admit being a little bit star struck at the opportunity to feature this musical icon and marketing genius on my website.  Just reviewing all of her online messaging I have become inspired to consider new ways to think about marketing my business (and I've been in marketing for 20 years!).

Kait is a Gold & Platinum Award Winning Songwriter and Professional Content Creator. She has been a Leader in Content Creation since she signed her first major publishing deal with Universal Music Publishing. Her major writing features include the theme song for Disneys' "A Cinderella Story", Youtubes' own Viral Rebecca Black (It's FRIDAY!), as well as songs featured on HGTV shows. K's music has been everywhere for years. After working for Universal Music, Disney and the like, K decided she wanted to help businesses, artists and public figures who so desperately needed marketing...and not just ANY marketing, but marketing with RESULTS and TRUE customer service. Her goal was to offer something she felt was constantly missing from the marketing industry...HEART.

Her ability to Brand Strategize and create a "soul" for a business "out of thin air", is unmatched.

From that, KLP Marketing & PR & Freedom Automations was founded. Combining her award winning writing and branding skills, with an obsession for Facebook Ads optimization, KLP Marketing & PR is the powerhouse constantly pushing the envelope with Full Brand Strategy, Total Automation, Facebook & YouTube Advertisement.

KLP Marketing & PR

We Mentor, Automate & Manage Ads 
We take the guesswork out of running ads! We help people save tens of thousands of dollars or more on Facebook Instagram or TikTok advertising.
Monday is sales in psychology with the amazing Leigh Anne
Wednesday are woo woo Wednesday 
Thursday is Strategy & Marketing with K Lemus Portillo 
We also provide 1 on 1 w mentees every month 
They also offer SEO, Social Media, and PR services

Connect With Kait

Facebook Community
K Lemus Portillo EMAIL


Thank you Kait for connecting with me on Facebook, and allowed me the pleasure to learn about your story, and your business.  Your award winning success is motivation within itself and I look forward to future opportunities for us to work together.

As we tried to coordinate this article, Kait was busy travelling all over the country for various speaking engagements.  Hope you get some time for yourself in there somewhere too Kait in your busy life!


If you are interested in having your business featured on my website & social media please contact me.


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