Business Feature Maria Fontana

Business Feature Maria Fontana

Business Feature Maria Fontana

Business Feature Maria Fontana

Business Feature Maria Fontana

As a business owner who has worked with a few different coaches over the years, I can attest that having someone you can turn to that can guide you through the areas in your business that are keeping you stuck is invaluable.  Maria immediately gives off a vibe that attracts you to want to work with her in confidence.

I love some of the testimonials on her website that say 

"Game Changer"

"A True Blessing"

"Best Investment Ever"


Read more about her business below:


Business Name Maria Fontana Consulting
Business Owner Name Maria Fontana
Location Manasquan, NJ
Social Media Links

Main contact name Maria Fontana
Email [email protected]
What does your business do?  

What problem does your business solve?  

How did you get started in business?

Intuitive Business Growth Consultant for 6 & 7 figure salon & service based business owners 

Helping entrepreneurs increase revenues, add new streams of income and reduce stress.

Small Business Owners & CEOS hire me to get Clarity, Grow their revenues, crush chaos in business  and make more money so they can put more profits in their pocket and happiness in their life.


I am Maria Fontana, a business consultant and growth strategist for extraordinary female business owners.

Most people know me as a 3 decade purpose driven brick and mortar business owner and business woman helping female business owners get clarity & grow profitable, aligned businesses.

But what you may not know about me is that I started my first business at 19 years old and hit six figures in that First year.

After 14 years of amazing success I came to a screeching halt. I found myself struggling with depression, divorced with two kids and financially ruined by the divorce.

After hitting rock-bottom, I knew I had to rebuild my life and business not only for me but for my children.


Here is where I committed to an intense journey of healing personal development and re-launching a new business by investing heavily in my own growth.


I discovered a gift for launching businesses and helping others get massive Clarity and grow profitable on their own terms with freedom from outside expectations. Eliminating the stress of conforming to being chained to a brick and mortar  and being controlled by outside circumstances like the economy and shutdowns.

I found tremendous freedom helping other female entrepreneurs and service providers reinvent their businesses while rebuilding my finances and providing for my Children.

My consultancy business has allowed me the flexibility, freedom and lucrative income to serve at such a high level catapulting hundreds of women into a business that feeds their soul and fills their bank account.


I have learned that you can rebuild, reboot or reinvent yourself and your business any time with zero limits.


This is why I do the work I do today because too many extraordinary professionals are struggling with overwhelm on the next steps to reinventing and growing themselves & their  business.  I help them get clarity and create a game plan so that they grow or package up their Magic and launch a Consultancy  business creating more profits, freedom and less stress.

Current goals of your business Give back to the world and leave a generational wealth legacy for my children.

Move to Italy in the next few years.

Current challenges of your business None at the moment, really.

 Letting other Entrepreneurs know to not let FEAR stop their dreams. I have been through wars, recessions, pandemics, illness and divorce and after 37 years as an entrepreneur I am still in business and thriving. Listen to your INTUITION and release fear based thinking!

Any other comments? Thank you for sharing my message, I am here to be of service!

Always available for free consults and 10 minute chats!

I encourage you to connect with Maria on her social media channels - her TikTok videos, Reels and Youtube videos will give you an idea of how helpful she is and could be to your business.  (I've linked on below).

Maria offers 30 minute free clarity consultation calls - you can book with her here

If you are interested in having your business featured on my website & social media please contact me.


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