Business Feature: Scott Lucas Solutions

Business Feature: Scott Lucas Solutions

Scott Lucas Solutions

Business Feature: Scott Lucas Solutions

Please help me in celebrating business owner, Scott Lucas, founder of Scott Lucas Solutions.  Scott is a tech specialist that helps business owners automate systems in order to spend more time working ON your business, rather than IN your business.  This is a very common trap for small business owners (myself included) to fall into.  If we spend too much time working IN our business, which means racing around doing everyday business functions that could otherwise be outsourced or delegated, we are not spending time on the growth functions that will really help SCALE our business.  If you are a business owner with the goal to grow & scale to higher levels, automation is key.  

Learn more about what Scott offers below:


Business Name Scott Lucas Solutions
Business Owner Name Scott Lucas
Location Elizabethtown, Kentucky
Social Media Links 

Main contact name Scott Lucas
Email [email protected]
What does your business do?  

What problem does your business solve?  

How did you get started in business?

We help CEOs, service providers and sales professionals automate their businesses from lead acquisition through fulfillment.

The biggest problem we solve for business owners is automating the working IN their business not ON their business which saves them thousands of dollars, and hours of time.

I started in Network marketing because I wasn’t finding work straight out of college with an Associates degree. I dabbled here and there with a lack of focus and wasn’t listening to people who were trying to show me how to be successful. Being stuck in my own head and feeling like I was a victim was the root to my failure which I learned once I was ready, and found a mentor. They say ‘when the student is ready the teacher will appear’ and that’s the truth.

Current goals of your business Our long term goal is selling our software for $100 million in 3 years and to help 100 business owners become a millionaire with our Dual Funnel System.
Current challenges of your business 1. Getting through to the people who follow every shiny object that it’s a recipe for bankruptcy and will never work

2. The hundreds of people who download our system every week but only a small percentage actually use it because they don’t take us up on support

3. It’s heartbreaking to know so many entrepreneurs could use this system to finally get their time back yet choose not to. 

Any other comments? The #1 commodity we sell is time. We all have expiration dates and can’t get our time back. We get to choose how to spend that time with our family and friends instead of being employees to our own business.

I really resonated with this post that Scott recently posted on his Facebook page:

Scott Lucas value your time

Dear Business Owner,
In my years of building sites and funnels, a good chunk of people aren't realistic with budgeting for a website or funnel.
If you have a starting budget of $500, I can build you a 2-4 page automated funnel with a 3-5 day followup system. While others will charge less than $500 JUST for building the site and don't include any automations...
Take this for example, it takes 2 hours of my time so that's $250 hourly.
There's no way my 11 years of IT background with 6 of those years in business experience building over 100+ quality websites is less than that.
Just remember, you get what you pay for so you're literally taking your chances thinking a site should only be a couple hundred dollars.
Value your time more and your time will be of more value.
I have been thinking about this concept a lot in my business lately about the value of time, and how as business owners if we consider each hour of time we have has a dollar value, it may make it easier to schedule out our week, our day, and what tasks we are focusing on.  Also how much you are charging for your services.  ***Know Your Worth......Then Add Tax!!!"
Please connect with Scott on all of his social media channels and check out his video below for more information on what he can do for your business!

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