Business Feature The Zone Community

Business Feature The Zone Community

The Zone Community

Business Feature: The Zone Community

Business Feature: The Zone Community

The Zone Community

If you are a solopreneur, work from home, freelancer, or freedom seeking dream builder, and you struggle with productivity, staying focused, and getting your tasks done while working remotely - this Community is absolutely FOR YOU!

Pam Meister is a specialist in remote work, and can help you with focus, accountability, and community!

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Business Name Organwise
Business Owner Name Pam Meister. Remote Work Expert.
Location I am currently located in Maryland. My business is location independent.



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Main contact name Pam Meister
Email [email protected]
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How did you get started in business?

My mission is to help you reimagine work to find joy. Because we spend so many hours working, and it’s usually our income generator, what we do for a living directly impacts our happiness.


I help my clients find joy surrounding work. Delivering the strategies and confidence they need to create the income and lifestyle you crave! Whether that means working their current 9-5 from wherever they please or creating the clarity and focus they need to catapult their small business into full-time, income-generating success... Finding the support and momentum to do that is what you'll get out of working with me.

I offer 1:1 and group coaching and consulting services to remote entrepreneurs, service providers, and larger businesses to optimize working from anywhere.

I am growing The Zone Community, a remote work virtual co-working community that helps you create the momentum you need to keep your projects moving forward and achieve your goals as a remote entrepreneur.


I started Organwise when my family moved abroad to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. I took on a variety of projects and realized that location independence and doing meaningful and enjoyable work that allowed me to prioritize my children and family was something that I could achieve, and I was inspired to help others do the same.

Current goals of your business My goal is to create a professional networking ecosystem and productive space for remote entrepreneurs, and work-from-home professionals by offering virtual co-working sessions 24/7/365 in the Zone Community.
Current challenges of your business Time! As a mom of three, I strive to use my work time wisely. Self-discipline is crucial for me to focus on my priorities that will further my goals rather than wasting time on less productive tasks or letting distractions get in the way.


Who doesn't need a more support in their business?  I know for me it can be very overwhelming and lonely working remotely some days.  I highly recommend you consider joining The Zone Community , not only can you connect with some other amazing remote professionals, you can gain support for your business as well as help with Focus, Accountability and Community - best of all there is absolutely no risk with your first month FREE


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