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Google Reviews How to Create a Custom Link

How to Create a Link for your Business to Get more Google Reviews

If one of your goals is to gain more Google Reviews for your business – you are going to love this little trick! Why are Google Reviews so Valuable? Google accounts for 57.5% of all reviews Worldwide.  Reviews are incredibly powerful as part of your Digital Marketing Strategy for many reasons.  Here are just a…
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free business goals worksheet

Revisit your Goals on a Regular Basis

Many business owners, such as myself, have goals for our business.  Goals for growth, increased revenue, success.  Most business owners, myself included, usually will write down our goals at the beginning of each year, and then often forget about them.  What I have found to be incredibly useful in my own business is to make…
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balancing working and teaching your kids from home during the pandemic

Balancing working from home and teaching kids from home during COVID19

Balancing Working and Teaching from Home Good afternoon friends! I’m sure many of you reading this are deeply affected by the current state of the world. The Coronavirus Pandemic is currently sweeping through all countries, impacting the lives and businesses of all humans on this earth. I am located in Canada. The Pandemic became a…
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how to support local business during covid19

How to Support Local Businesses During COVID19

How to Support Local Business During COVID19 *****97% of Businesses in Canada are Small or Owner Operated*** Most of our local businesses owned by entrepreneurs have been affected by the COVID19 Pandemic. Either they have been forced to close, or have lost a large portion of their business and revenue. Some have pivoted and started…
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COVID19 Marketing Strategy

Pivot Your Marketing Strategy during COVID19

How to Adjust your Marketing Strategy During COVID19 Good morning fellow business owner. I am sure that the uncertainty of these times is causing you great stress. I know it is for me as well. I’m hoping that I can help guide and inspire you a little bit to set up your business to survive…
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branding tip how to name your business

What’s In A Name

Naming your New or Existing Business If you are about to venture into launching your very own business – this is a very exciting time – and congratulations!  If you are already in business but are perhaps struggling a little bit with your identity – you are not alone.  Naming a business is one of…
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Media Strategy Consulting

Professional Media Strategy Consulting

Business Owners: I’d love to explore how we can accelerate your revenues in 2020!!! To get a better understanding of your goals for 2020, I am offering an in-depth marketing review and media strategy consultation for your business.This includes a full review of all of your online and offline marketing efforts for the past year, and…
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women of ambition conference kenora ontario

Women of Ambition Conference

Women of Ambition Conference Kenora Ontario The Women Boss Society is a worldwide community of women with the goal to: “Empower women and girls worldwide to become the best version of themselves“ I am honoured to be part of this powerful movement towards empowering females, and have met some very amazing and inspirational women in…
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fall marketing checklist

September Fall Marketing Check List

I don’t know about you but to me, September always feels like more than just the beginning of a new month. The weather is starting to cool down, the kids are heading back to school, all of the businesses start to gear up for their busy months. There is this renewed sense of energy in…
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what is your why

What is your Why

What is your WHY? 6 Questions You can Ask to Help you Define your Why. I am currently going through an indepth business and personal transformation. The Online Business System program I am taking is with Suzanne Longstreet, founder of Success and Clarity The most recent video in the series talked about identifying your WHY,…
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