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Time management tips

Tips on Managing an Unmanageable Task List

Tips on Managing an Unmanageable Task List I often feel completely overwhelmed by how many items are on my to do list. I am a mother of 3, run a busy household, have 2 dogs and a cat, and then I run a busy digital marketing agency that is expanding quickly. My tasks list honestly…
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customer service tip

Customer Service Tip

Customer Service Tip: Practice Empathy, Compassion, and Consistency Customer Service is a key part to the success of any business. Whether you are a blogger, internet marketer, or run a retail store or restaurant, if you have poor customer service your clients many not stay around long, and worse than that – word will spread,…
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business planning have you started planning ahead for fall?

Business Tip: Plan your Marketing in Advance

What a strange question given the fact the first day of summer was just last week. But really – have you started your marketing plan for the Fall? I have already had conversations with clients and my team at Dufferin Media in regards to September marketing. I already know what my blog topic, press release,…
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Life tip

Life Tip: Take 30 Minutes Each Day for Yourself

Life Tip: Take 30 Minutes Each Day for Yourself Most days I honestly feel like I hit the ground running at 6am and don’t stop until 10pm. I am pulled between my children, my partner, my team, my clients, household responsibilities and even my pets. If I had to list even half of the tasks…
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Use Positive Words and Phrases

Customer Service Tip: Use Positive Phrases

Customer Service Tip:  Use Positive Phrases Recently I came across an awesome list of positive words and phrases that I felt would be great to share. I hope you find this helpful as I feel this can be applied to customer service, social media, and in our daily interactions with everyone! Here are 9 Positive…
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Business Tip Support Each Other

Business Tip: Support Each Other

We Rise By Lifting Others Day#145/365 Daily Tips. I just can’t say this often enough. The more we as entrepreneurs, and as women, and as business women, support each other – the better the chance we will all succeed together. There is more than enough business and clients and opportunities in this world for us…
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Top Strategies for Ecommerce Pricing

4 Top Pricing Strategies for E-commerce Businesses

4 Pricing Strategies Advice For E-commerce businesses Guest Post created by Karem Ortiz. Day#141/365 Daily Tips. I would like to thank Karem for submitting this article for me to share – a great read for anyone that currently has an e-commerce business or is planning to start one. 4 Pricing Strategies Advice For E-commerce businesses…
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words to eliminate from your vocabulary

Eliminate These 3 Words from Your Vocabulary

Life Tip: Eliminate These 3 Words from Your Vocabulary Day#137/365 Daily Tips. Recently I was introduced to an amazing woman – Suzanne Longstreet from Success and Clarity and Pinkpreneurs. She is a Mindset Mentor and NLP Trainer. I’m really looking forward to working with Suzanne on a few projects. She is very inspiring and in…
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20 quick tips for better time management

20 Quick Tips for Better Time Management

20 Quick Tips for Better Time Management Day #134/365 Daily Tips: Here is a really handy list of 20 Quick Tips for Better Time Management! I don’t know about you – but lately as my business expands and I try to juggle business, home, family, kids etc etc, I feel overwhelmed. I researched this topic…
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Do you have goals for May?

What is your goal for May?

Day #126/365 : Always Set Goals! It’s already May 10th – but just wondering if you set a goal for your business or for yourself personally each month? Perhaps you have goals on how many new social media followers you would like for the month on each platform? I always set a sales goal in…
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