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We rise by lifting others

Entrepreneur Tip: Help Other Business Owners

Day#124/365 Daily Tips: Entrepreneur Tip: Help Others! I am so blessed to be building a network of like minded entrepreneurs and bloggers through the relationships I am making both in person locally and online via social media. The biggest benefit of having this “tribe” or “team” of fellow entrepreneurs is the amazing ability to help…
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Sarah Clarke partners with Women's Boss Society

Sarah Clarke Partners with Women Boss Society

I am so excited to make this announcement!!! I have partnered with the founders of the Women Boss Society to help them launch their Members Only Group. The Women Boss Society was founded by two sisters based out of New Zealand who have a passion for business and helping fellow female entrepreneurs. They are recruiting…
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business tip be careful with the use of acronyms

Business Tip – Be Careful with Acronyms

KPI, FAQ, B2B, SME, SEO, CRM Do you know what all of these are? Day #108/365 Daily Tips – If you are going to use Acronyms on your website, or social media make sure you expand to the full version too. ac·ro·nym/ˈakrəˌnim/noun an abbreviation formed from the initial letters of other words and pronounced as…
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monday motivation

It’s Monday Get your Game Plan on for the Week

Monday Motivation Day#96/365 Daily Tips. It’s Monday the start of a new week. What a perfect time to sit down and write out your goals and game plan for the week! I am a huge fan of actually doing this on Sunday – preparing myself for Monday and fresh new week ahead. I love looking…
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entrepreneur tip give yourself a break

Entrepreneur Tip: Give yourself a break

Entrepreneur Tip: Give yourself a break Day#66/365 Tips. Hey busy entrepreneur – yes I’m talking to you! The one that wears literally all of the hats in your businesses and lays awake stressing at night! The one that juggles your business, your home, and your family. What about taking care of yourself for a change?…
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4 Tips on How to deal with an angry customer

4 Tips to Handle an Angry Customer

4 Tips on How to Deal with an Angry Customer Day #63/365 Daily Tips: Here are a few tips on how to deal with an angry customers. Recently our local Orangeville Swiss Chalet was the subject of a viral video shot by a customer of an irate woman yelling at an employee. Below is a…
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never stop learning

Entrepreneur Tip Never Stop Learning

Entrepreneur Tip: Never Stop Learning. I believe as an entrepreneur it is important to remain open minded and teachable to remain competitive and successful

entrepreneur tip learn something new everyday

Entrepreneur Tip Learn Something New Everyday

Entrepreneur Tip Learn Something New Everyday Day 44 / 365 Tips! Learn something new everyday! As an entrepreneur I believe it is very important to always be learning and growing. Remain open minded and teachable so you can grow and change with trends in the marketplace and online. As a social media consultant, and owner…
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Entrepreneur Tip balance life and work

Entrepreneur Tip Life Work Balance

Entrepreneur Tip: Balance Life & Work and Take Time to Rest & Recharge Tip 26 / 365 Happy Saturday! If you are like me you have a very busy personal life and a very busy business life. It’s hard to balance the two. And I’m a Libra – don’t even get me started about “balance”!!…
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business tip get involved in community events

Get Involved in Community Events

Business Tip / Social Media Tip : Get Involved in Community Events Tip #25/365: Get Involved in Community Events! There are so many ways that your business can get involved in events in your local community. You can sponsor an event, participate in a walk or run for charity, promote / mention local events on…
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