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Delete Facebook

Current News Delete Facebook is Trending

Why is Hashtag Delete Facebook Trending and Should I be Worried? Day#140/365 Daily Tips: Today I was surprised to see that once again the hashtag #deletefacebook is trending on Twitter. This has been caused by a political issue in the USA. I’m not going to go into the issue behind this – you can make…
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Facebook Tip Share your Business Posts with your Friends

Social Media Tip: Share your Business Posts with your Friends

Share Your Business Posts with your Friends Day#129 / 365 Daily Tips : Share your Facebook Business Posts with your Friends! When it is appropriate to do so, go ahead and share with your Facebook Friends posts from your business! This is very standard practice, and will be accepted by your friends and family (as…
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facebook tip add a story to your business page bio

Social Media Tip: Add a Story to your Facebook Business Page

Add a Story to the Bio of your Facebook Business Page Day#127/365 Daily Tips: Add a Story to your Facebook Business Page. This is not to be confused with sharing posts to your story. A Story on your Facebook Business Page is part of the About Us section that makes up your bio. It is…
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Facebook Tips to Grow your Likes

Facebook Tip

Facebook Tip: Invite People that like your Facebook Posts to Like your Page Facebook is the world’s largest social media network with over 2.45 BILLION monthly active users.  Statistics suggest that somewhere around 90% of North American Businesses have a presence on Facebook. Using Facebook for your business really isn’t an option in todays online…
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Add a story to your facebook page info

Facebook Tip: Add a Story to your About Section

Facebook Tip: Add a Story to your Business Page Day#69/365 Tips! To maximize and complete your Facebook Business Page it is highly suggested that you complete your “About” page, which includes the story section. This is not to be confused with “stories” or adding posts to your “stories”. I’m taking about the section of your…
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use paid facebook boosts to increase engagement

Facebook Tip: Use Paid Boosts to Increase Engagement

Social Media Tip Use Paid Facebook Boosts to Increase Engagement Day #67/365 tip! If one of your goals is to have more engagement on your Facebook Page – the easiest way to do this now is to pay for BOOSTS. A paid Facebook Boost is a paid advertising option on Facebook that will take one…
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How to use Paid Boosts on Facebook for Better Results to your Page

Facebook Tip: Use Paid Boosts to Increase Results

Facebook Tip: Use Paid Boosts to Get more Likes, Comments, Followers to your Facebook Page Tip of the Day #40 / 365….Allocate a budget for paid boosts on Facebook. Even a small budget will keep your page growing. It just isn’t enough on Facebook any more to hope for free growth. Some growth you will…
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Facebook Tip – Comment on Posts from your Business Page

Facebook Tip: Comment on other posts from your Facebook Page Tip # 23 / 365 This is a quick and easy task you can do to increase reach and engagement for your Facebook Business Page. On Facebook the algorithms are such that more engagement = your content is favoured more by Facebook. So one of…
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rules for running a contest or giveaway on Facebook
Facebook News Stock Shares Prices

Facebook Stock Drop and How it Affects Your Business

This week Facebook Stock took the largest single day loss in stock market history.  You can read for yourself the various news headlines and opinions on why the stock dropped and what its future holds. My favourite article was from VIBE news – you can read it here if you like.  It explains the 5…
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