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cnoy22 Orangeville Food Bank

Coldest Night of the Year 2022

Coldest Night of the Year 2022 On February 26th 2022 I will be participating for the fifth year in a row in the Coldest Night of the Year.  This is a Canadian wide event raising awareness and funds for the homeless, hungry and hurting in our communities. Prior to 2018, the Orangeville Food Bank had…
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nonprofit feature bhelpful love

Nonprofit feature: BHelpful Love

 I loved connecting with and learning about this nonprofit organization because it genuinely is inspired by love.  The focus on assisting seniors spoke to my own heart and memories of my own Nana and Grandmother, and how often I feel that seniors just are not appreciated enough or cared for enough. Here in Ontario during…
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nonprofit feature

Nonprofit Feature: Clothe The Naked

Clothe The Naked is a charitable 501c3 nonprofit organization in the United States of America which provides clothing assistance, educational opportunities and outreach programs for the less-privileged people of Ghana West Africa. Brief History   Clothe The Naked Outreach was started in Ghana by Mr. Stephen Quainoo, popularly known as Paa Kwesi Quainoo, in the…
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Non Profit Organization Feature

Non-Profit Feature The KaliLove Foundation

Today I am doing a feature on a small non-profit organization called The KaliLove Foundation, started recently by a woman named Gloriana Fernandez, who’s mission is to spread love through small acts of kindness.  What inspired me about this organization is how it is possible for anyone, anywhere to make an impact in their community…
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Non Profit Feature LGTBQ

Non Profit Feature: Youth Outlook

Non Profit Feature: Youth Outlook is a Non-Profit organization supporting the LGBTQ Youth community in Chicago Illinios.

Non Profit Feature Hilton’s Heroes

Non Profit Feature Hilton’s Heroes Non Profit Feature Hilton’s Heroes. It is truly amazing how the universe works.  I grew up in a home environment that was financially insecure, and my family had to access the services of our local food bank here in Orangeville.  When I grew up and shortly after I started my…
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non profit feature good will karma

Non-Profit Feature: Good Will Karma

Non-Profit Feature: Good Will Karma Today I am thrilled to share this Non-Profit Feature: Good Will Karma.  This heartwarming story was brought to our attention by the non profit organization All Paws Rescue based out of Brampton, Ontario. All Paws Rescue is a non-profit organization that helps rescue animals – founder Michelle Borg and her…
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Non Profit Feature: Orangeville Army Cadets – 1849 Lorne Scots

Non Profit Feature: Orangeville Army Cadets – 1849 Lorne Scots When Lisa Post, a parent support committee member and local representative for the Orangeville Army Cadets, asked if I would be interested in supporting their upcoming fundraiser I was eager to help. Growing up in Orangeville the Cadets was one of the few available and…
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Non Profit Feature

Non Profit Feature: Jack Russell Terrier Rescue of Ontario

Non Profit Feature:  Jack Russell Terrier Rescue.  For this week’s non profit I’d like to share on an organization that brought into our family a much beloved little Jack Russell – “Dottie”.  My mother in law adopted Dottie through this organization which rescues little Jacks that are abandoned or “relinquished”.  Dottie has a fun spirit…
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alzeimers society

Alzheimer’s Society of Dufferin County

Non-Profit Feature: Alzheimer’s Society of Dufferin County The number of Canadians with dementia is rising sharply.As of today, there are over half a million Canadians living with dementia – plus about 25,000 new cases diagnosed every year. By 2031, that number is expected to rise to 937,000, an increase of 66 per cent. (Latest Stats from Alzheimer’s Canada) My…
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