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Free SEO Webinar July 22nd 2020

FREE ONLINE SEO WEBINAR There are over 63 million searches on Google every single second!  Search engine traffic is known to be higher in quantity and quality than other sources.  Having good search rankings and results for your business, non-profit organization, blog or online store will result in more visitors, more leads, more customers and…
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do pop-up ads affect seo

Do Pop-Ups Affect SEO?

Do pop-ups negatively affect the SEO rankings of a website?

SEO Tips

3 Things you can do Right Now to Improve your SEO

Make sure all of the images on your website have ALT Tags When you upload any image to your website, you have probably noticed there is opportunity to complete a field called “ALT tag” or “Alternative Text”.  Many people do not understand what this field is for, and so often leave it blank.  A huge…
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5 Benefits to Blogging

5 Benefits Of Blogging

5 Benefits to Blogging 5 Benefits to Blogging If one of your goals is to increase the natural search engine traffic to your website, to increase general traffic and engage readers more, than blogging is a strategy that will help you achieve these goals. Whether you are a solo-preneur, a small business, or a large…
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use long tail keywords in your SEO strategy

SEO Tip: Include Long Tail Keywords in your SEO Strategy

SEO Tip:  Include Long Tail Keywords in your SEO Strategy If one of your business goals is to gain more search engine traffic from Google, Bing, and Yahoo search engines, then naturally you would need an SEO strategy.  Having a strategy in place to gain better search results might include tasks such as: onsite website…
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SEO Tips

SEO Tip: Write the BEST Content

Article #3/9 SEO Series: Step #3 in Getting Great Search Engine Rankings is to Write the BEST Content Thank you for following along on my SEO Series The goal of this series of articles is to share easy to follow tips for business owners, bloggers, and entrepreneurs to help them understand the basics of search…
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SEO Tip Research The Competition

SEO Tip: Research The Competition

SEO Tip: Research The Competition Article#2 / 9 in my SEO Series In step #1 we picked a good keyword to focus on. I picked “SEO Services” to focus on for the purpose of preparing these articles. Once you have a keyword selected you want to focus on, the second step is to research the…
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SEO Tips Pick a Good Keyword

SEO Tip: Pick a Good Keyword to Focus on.

SEO Tip: Pick a Good Keyword to Focus on. Article #1 / 9 of my SEO Series: Pick a Good Keyword to Focus on. SEO Does not need to be overly complicated or difficult. I am going to do a series of 9 articles with a step by step SEO guide to show you the…
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SEO Tip Claim your YELP Listing

SEO Tip: Claim your YELP Listing

SEO Tip: Claim Your YELP Listing Day#139/365 Daily Tips. Today I share with you this SEO Tip: Claim and optimize a YELP Listing for your Business. What is Yelp? Yelp is a business directory service and crowd-sourced review forum, and a public company of the same name that is headquartered in San Francisco, California. The…
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SEO Tip: Update Content Regularly

SEO TIP: UPDATE CONTENT REGULARLY Day#133/365 Daily Tips. Today I’m sharing with you a Search Engine Optimization SEO tip for onsite SEO; Update your website content on a regular basis. To me a website should never be a finished product anyways. A website will become stagnant if you do not add fresh content. Search Engines…
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