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social media post keep a consistent posting schedule

Social Media Tip: Keep a consistent posting schedule

Keep a Consistent Posting Schedule Day#70 / 365 Tips Good morning everyone! Tip #70 : Keep a consistent social media posting schedule! This means stick roughly to posting the same amount of content each week. i.e. 3 posts per week, or 5 posts per week, or one daily. A few of the biggest scheduling mistakes…
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Add a story to your facebook page info

Facebook Tip: Add a Story to your About Section

Facebook Tip: Add a Story to your Business Page Day#69/365 Tips! To maximize and complete your Facebook Business Page it is highly suggested that you complete your “About” page, which includes the story section. This is not to be confused with “stories” or adding posts to your “stories”. I’m taking about the section of your…
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free stock photos

Free Photo Sites

Social Media Tip- use great images in your social media posts! Where can you find great images to use? Here is a list of free stock photo and free photo websites!

use paid facebook boosts to increase engagement

Facebook Tip: Use Paid Boosts to Increase Engagement

Social Media Tip Use Paid Facebook Boosts to Increase Engagement Day #67/365 tip! If one of your goals is to have more engagement on your Facebook Page – the easiest way to do this now is to pay for BOOSTS. A paid Facebook Boost is a paid advertising option on Facebook that will take one…
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Friday Hashtags

Social Media Tip: Use daily hashtags to increase engagement Friday Hashtags

Friday Hashtags Day#65/365 Tips Use daily hashtags to increase engagement **especially on Twitter and Instagram** Daily hashtags can also become topics and inspiration for your content for that day. Here is a quick list of a few potential hashtags for FRIDAY.

what is social media listening and how can it help your business


Social Media Tip: Always be listening to what is being said about your business or brand online and also to the conversations about your industry and competition

Instagram tip

Instagram Tip Reply to Comments on your Posts

Day #64 out of 365 daily tips! This is a quick tip to help you increase the engagement on your Instagram account. If you are working hard to increase your following and engagement on your Instagram – it is a great strategy to be as interactive yourself as possible. One method to do this is to make sure anytime that someone takes the time to leave a comment on your posts – REPLY to the comments!

never stop learning

Entrepreneur Tip Never Stop Learning

Entrepreneur Tip: Never Stop Learning. I believe as an entrepreneur it is important to remain open minded and teachable to remain competitive and successful

create an ideal customer avatar

Marketing Tip: Create a Customer Avatar

What is a Customer Avatar and How Can You Use it in Marketing Before you can effectively start target marketing to your ideal client it is super useful to create a customer avatar. What is an ideal customer avatar? An avatar is a profile showing the traits, characteristics and pain points of your ideal customer.…
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social media tip watch what is trending

Social Media Tip Watch What is Trending

Social Media Tip Watch What is Trending Day #60/365 Tips! My tip today is to watch what is trending online! Hint – it is NOT a fidget spinner LOL. Watching what is trending and being aware of current events, news, and hot topics allows you to jump into conversations that are current and will increase…
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