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social media tip follow the 80 / 20 rule

Social Media Tip: Use the 80/20 Rule

Social Media Tip: Follow the 80/20 Rule Social Media Content Tip: Follow the 80/20 Rule Here is a fun and easy tip for the Tuesday after the long weekend. (Canada Day was yesterday). When you are preparing your social media content calendar it is often wise to keep in mind the 80/20 rule. What is…
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social media tip use emotion in your content

Social Media Tip: Share Emotion

Social Media Tip: Use Emotion in Your Content Think of the commercials that are played on TV during the Super Bowl, and which ones grab your attention the most. I’m going to bet they were probably the ones that were emotional in nature. So go ahead and use emotion in your social media content. Use…
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it is okay to unfollow on social media

It is OK to Unfollow on Social Media

Social Media Tip: It is OK to Unfollow Social Media Accounts The follow / unfollow game is frustrating especially on Instagram. This is not in my opinion an authentic or effective way of building a quality long term audience. The method is also used by some on Twitter. When I share this tip that it…
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Content Tip: Share a GIF

Good morning friends! Did you know that creating a GIF is easier than ever! Creating and sharing a GIF is an easy way to ease into the Video content arena. There are many apps and programs that will help you create a GIF file that can be share on all of your social media platforms.…
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social media tips

Social Media Tip Build Relationships Not Just Followers

SOCIAL MEDIA TIP:  BUILD RELATIONSHIPS NOT JUST FOLLOWERS If your goal is to have long term success in your business using your social media channels as a tool, then I highly suggest that you use your social media platforms to build relationships – not just followers. Vanity metrics are a thing of the past.  In…
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connect with relevant social media accounts

Social Media Tip Connect with Relevant Accounts

Connect with Relevant Social Media Accounts Day#153/365 Social Media Tip: Connect with Relevant Social Media Accounts. When you are working on building your social media audience it is key to consider quality over quantity. Having a following of 1000 accounts on Facebook is completely useless if those people are not relevant to your business either…
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Maintain a Constant Presence

Social Media Tip Maintain a Constant Presence

Day#152/365 Social Media Tips. Maintain A Constant Presence! This means once you have set up and started using social media for your business the key to success and long term growth and results is to maintain a constant presence on all platforms. Post Consistently By maintaining a constant presence you help to build up trust…
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Social Media Content Tip: Share Funny Comics

Social Media Tip: Share Funny Comics Day#136/365 Daily Tips: Social Media Tip: Here is a great content idea – share funny comics on your social media profiles! (If it fits into your brand) it is okay to lighten up once in a while and share some funny comics. Show something that is humorous and relevant…
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Social Media Tip Watch What is Trending

Social Media Tip Watch What is Trending

Social Media Tip: Watch What is Trending Day#135/365 Daily Tips: Social Media Tip: Watch What is Trending. Though I have probably touched on this before, I feel it is worth repeating that if one of your goals is to increase engagement and build your audience – then watching what is trending can be used as…
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Social Media Tip

Social Media Tip: Use Polls to Increase Engagement

Social Media Tip: Create a Poll to Encourage Engagement Day#132/365 If one of your goals is to create discussion and encourage engagement on your platforms, you can use Polls in your content strategy to achieve this. Especially on Twitter, Polls are a great feature to ask simple questions or industry specific questions to get conversation…
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