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Practice Physical Distancing COVID19

COVID19 Practice Physical Distancing, but stay Social

The term that the World Health Organization has been using in it’s messaging to help prevent further spread of the Corona Virus is to practice social distancing. I’m not arguing with their term, I’m just suggesting that we consider modifying the way we are implementing this in our daily lives. To help flatten the curve…
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what to post on social media during covid19

What to Post on Social Media During COVID19

We are literally experiencing history in the making. Never before has our generation experienced anything of this magnitude. Many businesses and brands are facing unchartered territory, and not sure how to navigate the uncertainty. The Corona Virus Pandemic is sweeping across the World, causing entire country to completely shut down. We are uncertain hour to…
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International Women’s Day 2020

International Women’s Day March 8th In 2016, less than 1/5 of all leadership roles were held by women “The energy is there. The women entrepreneurs are there,” she said. Of Canada’s1.2 million small to medium-sized businesses, fewer than 200,000 are women–owned.Aug 1, 2019 – National Observer.com These statistics are startling and concerning to me. We need to do better to…
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How do you Value your Digital Assets?

How do you Value your Digital Assets? When you think of the assets of your business you might list things from your balance sheet such as: cash on hand inventory building furniture & equipment goodwill Or qualitative items such as strong team great product environmentally friendly What about your Online Presence?  Your Brand? Your Digital…
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update your hours on google my business

How to Update your Hours on Google My Business

Business Tip: Update your hours on Google My Business If your business is a brick and mortar business that customers visit in person, it is highly suggested that you keep your business HOURS of operation updated on Google. Google currently processes BILLIONS of search queries every day…..how does your business appear on Google? To manage…
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10 Ideas for Social Media Posts that are Fun and Engaging

One of the biggest challenges to social media is deciding WHAT to post.  The more you plan ahead, and use strategy when planning your content the better results that you will achieve. Here is a list of 10 Ideas for Social Media Posts that are fun and will have a very good chance generate engagement.

Non Profit Feature: Orangeville Army Cadets – 1849 Lorne Scots

When Lisa Post, a parent support committee member and local representative for the Orangeville Army Cadets, asked if I would be interested in supporting their upcoming fundraiser I was eager to help. Growing up in Orangeville the Cadets was one of the few available and affordable opportunities for my family to participate in a child…
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10 Important Social Media Trends for 2020

In The Media: Search Engine Journal

Big thank you to Danny Goodwin from Search Engine Journal for asking me to contribute to this article: 10 Important 2020 Social Media Trends You Need to Know _____________ Sarah Clarke, Media Strategist & Founder, Dufferin Media, believes the consumption of ephemeral content (social media content that is only available for a limited amount of…
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Non Profit Feature

Non Profit Feature: Jack Russell Terrier Rescue of Ontario

For this week’s non profit I’d like to share on an organization that brought into our family a much beloved little Jack Russell – “Dottie”.  My mother in law adopted Dottie through this organization which rescues little Jacks that are abandoned or “relinquished”.  Dottie has a fun spirit and loves to run and play and…
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Christmas Kindness Avent Calendar

Christmas Kindness Calendar

This year, instead of a traditional AVENT calendar, how about practicing random acts of kindness based on a KINDNESS Calendar! Please share with friends and encourage a ripple effect. Let’s see how many you can do! I love the one “give away free hugs”