Celebrate the Wins on Social Media

Celebrate the Wins on Social Media

celebrate the wins on social media

The Online Corner, as appears in the Snapd Dufferin / Caledon July 2020 Edition
Submitted by Sarah Clarke, Media Strategist and Founder of Dufferin Media


This year has been an incredibly unusual year in our World History. As the events of 2020 unfold, there has been a lot of coverage in the media that has been less than positive. It is hard not to feel overwhelmed, scared and angry. What I enjoy seeing are the good stories of giving and hope that are also coming out of the heartache. The little girl who is washing windows to raise money for the local food bank. The local restaurant that offered a free meal, no questions asked, for months.

This month I would like to encourage everyone to consider sharing the positive instead of the negative. Help spread messages of love, inclusion, kindness and hope to help us lift our community up.


Use your social media platforms to celebrate special occasions. Birthdays, anniversaries, graduations are all events that deserve to be recognized and celebrated. These types of posts when shared on personal or business social media recently have been getting much higher engagement and reach because your friends family and community need an opportunity to celebrate. Our events and parties have all been canceled so when we have the opportunity to wish somebody a happy birthday or congratulate them on their graduation, it is a win / win for all involved and helps spread good cheer.


If you have any good news to share that you come across in your daily activities such as a random act of kindness, or someone doing something to give back or help the community…please share this story to your social media. Use hashtags like #good #love #kind #bekind #kindness #doinggood #giving

Our society is craving this type of content with so much doom and gloom coming from the traditional media outlets. Sharing stories of giving and kindness help lift us up and might inspire others to do the same.
Kindness has a ripple effect.

Giving compliments via social media comments is another way to use your online presence to share positivity.

“No act of kindness is too small. The gift of kindness may start as a small ripple that over time can turn into a tidal wave affecting the lives of many.”


Our economy is just starting to open up following months of COVID shutdowns. Help local businesses and organizations by celebrating their re-opening. You can help these business owners even just by liking their social media content. Take it a step further, share & comment. Or make a purchase, have a meal at a local restaurant. Celebrate by taking a photo and sharing to your social media. The more we celebrate the fact that our community came together so strongly to keep our neighbours safe, and share these wins on social media, the more that our community will thrive. Use hashtags such as #OrangevilleStrong #DufferinStrong #Hometownproud

Until next month – please stay safe and healthy. I’d like to thank Victoria and the team at snapd for being such a powerful source of community information and positivity during these unprecedented times.

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  1. Laura says:

    A good reminder for us to add some more positivist into our lives, and how to do it!

    – Laura || https://lauraorvokki.com

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