Consistency is Key – Social Media Profiles

Consistency is Key – Social Media Profiles

Be consistent on your social media profiles Be consistent on your social media profiles

Consistency is Key – Social Media Platforms

One of the services Dufferin Media offers to all of our new clients is “Setup & Optimization”.  As part of that process not only do we set up new social media accounts for businesses – we also optimize them.  We make sure that they are set up to maximize the benefit to the business – using a carefully worded bio, properly cropped profile picture, cover photo and above all that there is CONSISTENCY between all profiles on all platforms.  If a client already has existing profiles we “optimize” the existing profiles.

optimize social media profiles

For example if a client has signed up for Facebook, Twitter & Instagram (base package) we make sure that their profile picture is the same on each of those platforms.  Preferably their LOGO cropped properly to fit the space.  This is the best profile picture to use for branding.  Furthermore the cover photo on FB&Twitter should be the same.

***BUSINESS TIP- Getting a new logo designed?  make sure it is SQUARE so it will fit on social media profiles!!!***

Next we carefully word the “about us” or “bio” section, and use the same BIO on each platform.  The bio or about us section should include text that clearly in a few words describes what the business does and where they are located or what area they service.  It is a short description – approx 200 characters so use each word carefully and don’t repeat words in your bio.

Also include key search words in the bio either via #Hashtags or just in the text.  Social media profiles are indexed by search engines.

I need to repeat that – SOCIAL MEDIA PROFILES ARE INDEXED BY GOOGLE – okay so that is really important if one of your business goals is to be found at the top of search results for certain key words.

Note I did not go into detail here about Google My Business – that is an entirely different article I will have to work on!!!  But consistency is key there too – literally on any platform you are using.


In summary Consistency is Key to Branding.  You want a potential client to find the same message about your brand on any social media platform that they might happen to find you on.


Would you like a free assessment of your online consistency?  Contact me anytime I’m happy to do a quick review and offer you some feedback – no fee no obligation.



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