Current News Delete Facebook is Trending

Current News Delete Facebook is Trending

Delete Facebook
Delete Facebook

Why is Hashtag Delete Facebook Trending and Should I be Worried?

Day#140/365 Daily Tips: Today I was surprised to see that once again the hashtag #deletefacebook is trending on Twitter. This has been caused by a political issue in the USA. I’m not going to go into the issue behind this – you can make your own research and conclusions. I would like to discuss the power behind trending news and how this might affect your business.

So this is a very active trending hashtag today, and you are on Twitter you will see how much conversation is happening about the movement to delete Facebook accounts, and in many cases people are also deleting Instagram they are so angry with Facebook. How does this affect your business? Should you be worried about your Facebook Business Page or even your Instagram account? The short answer is definitely a huge NO! Do NOT panic! This is not the first time this has happened and probably won’t be the last.

Facebook and Instagram will continue to be the top Social Media networks even if hundreds of thousands of people decide to delete their accounts. There are currently 2.38 BILLION active monthly users on Facebook, and over 1 BILLION on Instagram.

So please do not panic, statistically speaking the chances of YOUR business page losing many followers is very low on either of these platforms.

The interesting thing I think that is worth mentioning is that as soon as anything goes wrong on Facebook or Instagram EVERYONE always goes directly to Twitter. So my real tip for you today is to make sure that you are maximizing your exposure on all relevant platforms including Twitter.

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