Facebook Tip – Comment on Posts from your Business Page

Facebook Tip – Comment on Posts from your Business Page

Facebook Tip: Comment on other posts from your Facebook Page

Tip # 23 / 365 This is a quick and easy task you can do to increase reach and engagement for your Facebook Business Page. On Facebook the algorithms are such that more engagement = your content is favoured more by Facebook. So one of the little tricks you can do that is very beneficial to your business is to comment on other relevant page posts from your own page.

To do this, depending on what device you are using – you just need to toggle the like / comment button to your business page (instead of your personal page). Here is a screen cap of what this looks like from desktop:

I clicked on a post made by Dufferin Media and toggle the “Like Comment Share” icon to my https://www.facebook.com/DufferinMediabusiness page for Sarah Clarke – Social Media Consultant, and now I am able to comment in the comment section and it will show up to anyone else that sees this post.

Note that is is going to be most beneficial for your Business Page if you interact on posts that are relevant to your geographical area and or your industry!

quick win – look for sponsored posts as they will have more traffic and comment on those!


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