How to use Paid Boosts on Facebook for Better Results to your Page

Facebook Tip: Use Paid Boosts to Increase Results

How to use Paid Boosts on Facebook for Better Results to your Page

Facebook Tip: Use Paid Boosts to Get more Likes, Comments, Followers to your Facebook Page

Tip of the Day #40 / 365….Allocate a budget for paid boosts on Facebook. Even a small budget will keep your page growing. It just isn’t enough on Facebook any more to hope for free growth. Some growth you will gain for free as you invite your friends & family to like your page and you share with them your page posts. However reaching a larger audience and growing your page will absolutely not happen on it’s own.

Facebook has become a Pay To Play model. That being said, with over 2.32 BILLION users Facebook is a very valuable place for your business and should absolutely be part of your business strategy. If you don’t have a presence on Facebook – do you even exist?

What is a Paid Boost on Facebook?

A paid boost is an ad option on Facebook where you pay to have a certain post from your Facebook page shown to users that do not necessarily like your page. It is a way to increase likes, comments, shares on a post by Facebook users that do not like or follow your page.

QUICK WIN – when someone LIKES your post you can invite them to like your page!!!

You do NOT need a huge budget to see growth and success on Facebook. I am currently running approx $10 per week on Facebook for Sarah Clarke – Social Media Consultant 

This is resulting in an increase on the post I am boosting by about 6x and I’m gaining about one new user per dollar spent. That’s pretty decent results. Considering traditional costs of advertising $10 to reach about 1000 targeted users is pretty decent in my opinion.

Use Targeting on Paid Boosts to Reach YOUR Audience

Facebook has amazing targeting options. WHO is your target audience? You can set your paid boost to only show your post to your target audience. You can choose gender, age, geographical location, interest, occupation and more. Using clear targeting will have further benefit to your ad dollars spent. Alternatively you can use very broad targeting for branding. I don’t really find this very useful personally.

If one of your goals is to be growing your Facebook Page then you need to use paid advertising as part of the strategy to achieve this goal. Even a small budget will at least allow some upward movement. The lowest amount you can allocate is $1/day. $30 per month. That can go a long way!!!!

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