facebook tip for your business page

Facebook Tip

Facebook Tip: Invite People that like your Facebook Posts to Like your Page

facebook tip for your business page

Day#97 / 365 Daily Tips. Now that my goal series is complete I will share some social media tips and then I’ll probably start up a new series. One of my connections on Twitter suggested I do some posts sharing how my experiences at the Food Bank have impacted my business or visa versa, and I think I could write many articles about this topic. So anyways for today my friends I’m sharing a very simple but effective tip that will help you grow your followers on your Facebook Business Page.

When someone likes one of the posts on your Facebook Page, Facebook has a little tool that will allow you to invite each of those users to Like your Page. It’s a quick way to grow your page followers.

I created a short tutorial video on how to do this:

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