From Trauma to Triumph

From Trauma to Triumph

From Trauma to Triumph by Sarah Clarke

Writing My Story

Last summer I attended the Toronto Waterfront Awards where I met a woman that offered me the opportunity to become a published author.  At the time, I was just starting to gain some self esteem and confidence after working with an NLP and business coach.  I hesitated, but did reluctantly agree.  Something inside of me prodded me forward to tell my story.  

This process was HARD!  It was emotional and exhausting.  Through typing out the words I needed to relive incidents in my past that caused me great pain, I was able to process more, and heal more.

I'd love to share my story with you.  The book launch was originally scheduled for June, but delays because of COVID and other external factors have pushed this back.  I have awesome news - the official book launch date has been set for November 27th, 2020.  

The final book cover has been approved, and the book is awaiting Amazon approval.

If you would like to be notified when the book is launched please submit your email below and I'll add you to my list to reach out as soon as I have the publishing information.

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    From Trauma to Triumph


    Sarah Clarke


    I knew that I was blocked. I felt stuck. I could imagine success, but it always felt like there was a brick wall blocking me from pushing forward. “FEAR” like chains around my ankles, dragging me backward, filling me with self-doubt and uncertainty. I know many women who have experienced trauma that keeps them stuck and living in fear. I was traumatized by various events throughout my life that led me to become stuck. I was unable to see my vision, my bigger picture. I needed help to grow, but didn’t know which way to turn. I felt as though I had reached my glass ceiling. 

    “The prettiest smiles hide the deepest secrets. The prettiest eyes have cried the most tears and the kindest hearts have felt the most pain.”

    • unknown

    It’s hard to look back and reflect on the pain in my life that brought me to a place of such
    self-defying inner talk.

    “I’m not good enough!”
    “You don’t deserve success”
    “You’ll never succeed”
    “You make poor decisions”

    “Oh great, another mistake... nobody will be surprised.”

    I felt as if I wasn’t worthy.

    Final Book Cover

    final book cover Toronto Waterfront Awards


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    1. Lots and lots of wishes for the launch of your book, Sarah. This sounds amazing. Can’t agree more on ‘ The prettiest smiles hide the deepest secrets’. I have signed up with my email. Looking forward to read your story. God bless. Warm hugs.

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