Gratitude & Inner Peace

Gratitude & Inner Peace

Life is BUSY.  I have 3 BUSY kids – school, activities, lunches, clothes, laundry….a busy household to clean & manage…..plus I run a growing business………..

How do I ever stay sane?  One of the tools I use is to find Gratitude, each and every day.  There is always something to be grateful for even when my morning starts off by stepping in cat barf.  So I try each and every morning to go for a quiet 10 minute walk on my trail.  This calms me.  It centres me. I find inner peace, gratitude to be alive, and gratitude in nature.  For 10 minutes in the morning, the whole world stops and I get a lovely chance to prepare for my day.  When I do this, I always feel ready to face the day.  When I skip my morning walk my day doesn’t go as smoothly – inside.

Are you a busy working mother?  Self care usually comes last right?  Can you carve out a few minutes for yourself today to enjoy something you love?  How do you find inner peace?  What are you grateful for today?

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