How often should I post on Social Media?

How often should I post on Social Media?

How often to post on social media
How often to post on social media

How Often To Post on Social Media

Good morning friends! Had a great conversation yesterday with some really nice people that I’m excited to be working with on their social media, and they brought up a great question – how frequently is the min / max amounts of time to post on social media platforms. So I did some research and I came across this awesome article by Louise M.

At Dufferin Media we have set up our min social media management package to be 3 posts per week, which I think is a very good place to start for small businesses. Based on the research that Louise presents she makes a very good point about min and max times to post to various platforms. As you can see from my interpretation of her research, and my experience in social media management, there are different suggestions for different platforms.

On Facebook it is not suggested to post more than once per day to a business page. Engagement may drop and you may lose followers if you post too much. LinkedIN is very similar.

However, on Twitter & Pinterest – go nuts! Twitter is one of my favourite platforms for just this reason. I can Tweet multiple times a day, be involved in many conversations, and have fun and not worry about seeming too spammy.

Instagram is one of the platforms where I’m really not sure ever what is going on with their algorithms. But as an end user, I really do get annoyed if I see too many posts from one account, so I can appreciate the suggestion to only post once or twice a day, three times at max. Since the game on Instagram seems to be more about sharing great content and including popular hashtags, my suggestion would be to focus on quality over quantity. And always keep your target audience in mind when creating your content.

I’ll say it again:


Here is the full infographic provided by LouiseM


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