How to Peak Interest and Consideration in your Sales Funnel using Social Media

How to Peak Interest and Consideration in your Sales Funnel using Social Media

how to peak interest and consideration in your sales funnel
how to peak interest and consideration in your sales funnel

How to Peak Interest and Consideration

Day#115/365 Article #3/8 in my Marketing Funnel Series. Today based on the example of a sales and marketing funnel below I am going to explore how you can use Social Media to peak interest and consideration in your business.

In my previous article I wrote about creating Awareness using Social Media

Now that you are start to build and grow your brand awareness – you are building an audience of targeted followers and connections – how can you use social media to now peak interest and generate consideration for these people to potentially become customers.


The first way that you can generate interest in your company, which by the way also helps with awareness is to share relevant content with your social media audience. Relevant content means social media posts that is of use in some way to the end reader. Ideas:

  • Useful Tips
  • Interesting Articles
  • Educational Videos
  • #DYK posts
  • Humour / fun memes or jokes (if it matches your brand)
  • Behind the scenes about how your company works

You are just trying at this point to keep the audience interested and engaged in what you are sharing. This will also help you grow your audience and build followers.


It is absolutely okay to share SOME sales related posts to show your social media audience what you do and why. Focus on the benefits of your product or service – on the problem it might solve for the potential buyer. There are some “rules” you may have heard of – the rule we try to follow at Dufferin Media is to share 30% sales posts only. You do not want to only post sales related material, and you don’t want to NOT post any sales related posts. It is also okay to peak consideration to feature sales, coupons and promotions on your social media channels. You want to be human, but you also want to make some money!


If you are doing some Niche marketing and working on a specific sales funnel to generate leads / sales in one area of your business then you might use social media at this point to speak to those specific potential clients. For example, one of my sales funnels is to reach out to Mortgage Professionals via LinkedIN. Because I have done successful branding and marketing campaigns with Mortgage Agents, it makes sense for me to grow this funnel and find more clients like this to work with. As a strategy then in my sales funnel I would use LinkedIN to post content that might be specifically related to the Mortgage Industry. ie.. #DYK that in 2016 Mortgage Fraud cost an estimated 20 billion dollars?


Another way you can leverage social media is to create relationships, engage, and create or join in on relevant conversations with your target audience. You don’t necessarily need to create a conversation if there is one already active on Facebook, or Twitter for example – comment from your business. **best to avoid controversy, politics or religion though**


Do NOT be afraid to allocate some dollars to paid advertising here to keep the interest flowing to your business. Grow awareness, peak interest and consideration using paid advertising.

stay tuned for tomorrow when I’ll discuss a few different models of sales funnels and how they can help your business.

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