Introducing Byron

Introducing Byron

Sponsoring a child from Kenya

Introducing Byron

Hey Everyone - Please meet Byron.  This little boy is from Kenya and lives in a community on a dump site.  I have made the decision to sponsor Byron and I am looking forward to sharing this experience with you.


"Byron is 7 years old. He is in Grade 1. He joined us in February 2020 after mama Mumbi's school was closed and he did not have anywhere else to go. He lives with his grandmother, cousin, uncles and aunts. His mother left him so the grandmother  takes care of him. They live in Gyoto. His grandmother scavenges at the dumpsite."

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My Journey Into Child Sponsorship

In the spring of this year I was blessed to meet David Hatfield and his wife Kim who started a nonprofit organization, the Living Stone Global Foundation, to help children in a community in Kenya that is built on a dump site.  They started off small, but have over the past few years created not just a school for the children of this community, they have created HOPE.  Hope for children like Byron who would have never had any chance in life.  The organization has taken on a life of its own, and grown into a community hub and resource for food, education, and pandemic support.  They are currently doing a campaign to sell masks for children - you can check it out here:


Not only does this campaign provide masks to help protect against the spread of COVID-19, it also is employing women from the local community to make the masks. 

I was immediately drawn into this cause that matches my values of giving, kindness, and love and am very grateful to be working with the organization in a few different capacities.  But I keep getting pulled back to the children - personally I just wanted to do MORE.

So I have taken the leap and I am going to sponsor this young man named Byron and join the vision the Dave and his organization have to give these kids a chance at a better life.  

About Living Stone Global Foundation


 But many children in Nakuru, Kenya do. So we’re building a global community of friends — heroes powered by love —  who share their talents, connections, and resources to help these kids escape the dump and flourish in life.  The Living Stone Global foundation started a school - aptly named "Maisha Mapya" which means - new hope / new life in Swahili.  There are now over 200 students that are able to attend school, get meals, and education.  

*The children are currently at home due to the COVID-19 Pandemic**

Read more on their website

no child should live in a dump



The Living Stone Global Foundation offers a more hands on involved approach to sponsoring a child.  I will be corresponding with Byron and look forward to sharing my journey of sponsorship on my blog.  I am able to either email him or send him a video, which the management team on the ground in Kenya will be able to share with Byron.  Dave has told me just this simple communication can brighten up each child so much.  

Stay tuned for more on Byron and I on our journey!


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