Intuition and Business Decisions

Intuition and Business Decisions

intuition and business decisions

Intuition and Business Decisions

Our June Elevate meeting focused on a fabulous topic - Intuition and Business Decisions with guest Tanya Rendall.  

Tanya is a Soul Alignment Coach ~ Intuitive Energy Healer and you can find her here:

I wanted to explore this subject because I have never been very in touch with my feelings or emotions let alone my intuition.  As I grow in my entrepreneurial journey, and my own spiritual journey, I am trying to be more aware of feelings, emotions, and now Intuition.

Earlier this year I had an awakening experience of sorts when I landed an amazing new client - from a revenue perspective.  However, right from the beginning of the relationship something just didn't feel right.  And as the weeks progress I was definately growing in an awareness that working with this client was like fighting an uphill battle, being challenged at every corner, and my internal "gut feeling" was that this would never get better and yet I felt stuck in how to proceed.  I had a heavy physical discomfort when thinking about working on the file. Eventually as a team the decision was made to end the contract, and I felt immediate physical relief.  And that feeling that "I should have listened to my gut earlier"

Have you ever had any experiences like this in your business?

What Is Intuition?

Definition of Intuition from Wikipedia:

Intuition is the ability to acquire knowledge without recourse to conscious reasoning.[2][3][4] Different fields use the word "intuition" in very different ways, including but not limited to: direct access to unconscious knowledge; unconscious cognition; inner sensing; inner insight to unconscious pattern-recognition; and the ability to understand something instinctively, without any need for conscious reasoning.[5][6]

The word intuition comes from the Latin verb intueri translated as "consider" or from the late middle English word intuit, "to contemplate".[2]

Below are some notes I took during Tanya's presentation, I hope you find this as helpful as I did.

How does intuition play a role in our balance and our energy?

Being aware of your intuition and how it plays into your life, the energy that ebbs and flows starts with awareness.  Pay attention to the "hits" and "nudges".  Take time and tune into these.  The more you practice awareness, the more in tune you get.  The stronger your awareness is.  Using your intuition is like building a muscle.  Learn to trust yourself, and trust those intuitive nudges.

Masculine vs Feminine Energy

This particular part of the discussion was very relatable to me, and opened up more thought provoking questions.  As we discussed energy and specifically how it related to making business decisions I could definitely identify that within me there is a pull to always make business decisions in the way I was taught - using numbers, profit and loss, growth and success from a very monetary point of view.  This is a very masculine way of approaching business decisions.  This energy and the way of conducting business does not balance with feminine energy and flow and that is why for us it feels unnatural.    Masculine business decisions are generally guided by energy that is goal oriented, based on action, organization, and money being tied to success.

Feminine energy and business decisions can be much different as we "lean into" the gut instinct or intuition on what we are meant to be doing with our life.  And this is often more tied to family, care giving, nurturing, giving, loving, helping, supporting.  Female goals if we truly lean into our gut are different from the male goals & energy.

This doesn't mean that a woman can't have intuitive energy that is more masculine, or visa versa.  And this is not wrong or right, just a new way to think of intuition and gut feelings and how it pertains to your own life or your own business.  It will help you in your own business decisions to understand what side you lean towards - either masculine or feminine energy.  

I could really relate to this discussion and recognize as I consider "leaning into" my intuition in my business that my goals are not necessarily money driven, and there are many other "successes" that I want to achieve in my life that are related to family, time, community, giving back and experiencing peace and contentment.


intuition and abundance

"You have all of the answers in side of you already to be successful, you just need to tune into your intuition, trust, listen.  This will create abundance." - Tanya Rendall

Tips to Become More In Tune With Your Intuition

Here are some tips that Tanya suggested as ways to become more mindful and get in tune with your intuition

  • Pay attention to that very first feeling that you have in any situation.  This can be tricky because the brain immediately starts analyzing from a logical point of view.  Before that happens listen to what your heart is saying.  If unsure - ask for a sign.
  • Meditate.  Or do something that allows you to be mindful.  Such as take a walk without a phone or do daily chores that allow for thoughts to flow such as doing dishes or folding laundry.
  • Tap into your physical body.  Are you expanding or contracting.  Listen to what your body is telling you.  Be aware though of fear vs. intuition. Intuition is GENTLE.
  • Journalling - this can be a very powerful way of allowing your thoughts to flow


intuition is gentle


I'd love to hear your thoughts on intuition and your business, please comment below! If you are interested in a guest blog post or an opportunity to be a speaker in the Elevate Networking group please contact me 





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