Marketing Tip: Create a Customer Avatar

Marketing Tip: Create a Customer Avatar

create an ideal customer avatar

What is a Customer Avatar and How Can You Use it in Marketing

Before you can effectively start target marketing to your ideal client it is super useful to create a customer avatar. What is an ideal customer avatar? An avatar is a profile showing the traits, characteristics and pain points of your ideal customer. It is useful because understanding your customer is the key to connecting with them. A customer avatar identifies 5 key areas about your ideal customer: Personal Characteristics, Goals and Values, Sources of Information, Challenges & Pain Points, and Objections & Roles. Below is an example:

Customer Avatar Worksheet courtesy of DigitalMarketer.com

When I was working on a Customer Avatar Worksheet for Dufferin Media I found the most useful section to be the challenges and pain points. It really is helping me to focus not just on pushing what services we offer at Dufferin Media – but to focus instead on how our services are helping our clients solves challenges and pain points in their business.

Most businesses would probably benefit from creating multiple customer avatars and then extrapolate the information from each to develop separate marketing campaigns to target each.

If you are looking for a template you can use I downloaded this from smartsheet.com

Here is a free template you can use to create your own Ideal Customer Avatar. It is a word doc and the link below is to Google Docs.



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