Non-Profit Feature The KaliLove Foundation

Non-Profit Feature The KaliLove Foundation

Non Profit Organization Feature

Non-Profit Feature: The KaliLove Foundation

Today I am doing a feature on a small non-profit organization called The KaliLove Foundation, started recently by a woman named Gloriana Fernandez, who's mission is to spread love through small acts of kindness.  What inspired me about this organization is how it is possible for anyone, anywhere to make an impact in their community by doing whatever they can to help those in need.  Individual small acts of kindness can really add up to inspiring and helping so many people.

This example of what they have done to help a family in Florida just warmed my heart;

MAY 21, 2020
Great News! We were able to help a single mother with 4 children who is a hairdresser in FL. Because of your generous donations we were able to provide one week's worth of groceries. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! This would not be possible without your support. Keep sharing the campaign link. We can beat this virus with love through simple acts of kindness!!

Read more (provided by Gloria)
The KaliLove Foundation seeks to end ALL forms of human oppression by
going to the hard places and working with the world’s most vulnerable
Our mission is to serve underserved populations by providing basic human
rights. Food. Clothing. Medicine.
The KaliLove crew believes every person has intrinsic value, and that it’s our
responsibility to advocate for the marginalized without regard to race, creed,
nationality or sexuality. We serve on the basis of need alone. We strive to
respect the culture and customs of the people we serve across communities
and fight to preserve their humanity and dignity always.
The KaliLove Foundation was founded by Gloriana Fernadez-Castro, who is
also managing director. The foundation was created from Gloriana’s love of
yoga and her practice of the first limb of yoga, Ahimsa. Ahimsa teaches non-
violence towards ourselves and others. The best way of practicing non-
violence is by spreading love.
The foundation’s name comes from Gloriana’s favorite Hindu Goddess, Kali
Maa. Kali Maa is the Goddess of time and new beginnings. She is the slayer
of evil, ego and illusions. She is our divine Mother, Protector and Warrior!
With ahimsa and Kali in mind, The KaliLove Foundation was born. We are on
a mission to spread kalilove, through simple acts of kindness, everywhere we
go. KaliLove is currently focusing fundraising efforts on families impacted by
the covid-19 pandemic and protestors needing assistance with bail and/or
medical expenses.
KaliLove is still working through the intricacies of registering, appointing a
board, and writing bi-laws, but Gloriana is loving every minute of it. Her
passion is helping others. She said “If I could help every single person in the
world, I would. Helping other is truly my dharma.”
To donate and help spread kalilove you can visit their gofundme campaign at



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