November 3 National Sandwich Day

Good morning friends!  Happy Saturday!  Today is November 3rd


It is also:

National Candy Day

National Housewife’s Day

National Bison Day

Jellyfish Day

World Numbat Day – no really here is a link for more information



Social Media / Marketing Tip – use National and World Days in your content to increase engagement.  If you are a restaurant owner or manager the obvious choice today would be to run a special on a Sandwich – but you could get more imaginative too – ask your audience on social media “What is your favourite Sandwich”, create a poll on Twitter, the possibilities are endless.  I have no idea how you would use World Numbat Day in your social media, but it’s really fun to say……..



#SaturdayMorning (currently trending #7 on my Twitter with 25.9 tweets)



#SaturdayMood #SaturdayFunday #SaturdayNights #SaturdayNightLive #SaturdayVibes #SaturdayFun


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