November 30th Computer Security Day

November 30th Computer Security Day

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Good Morning Everyone!  Today is FRIDAY November 30th 2018.  TGIF.  For my children today is a “PD Day” so I got to sleep in – until the dogs woke me up that is at 7:30.

Today is National Computer Security Day

Here is a quick checklist of ways that you can make sure your personal and business computer data is safe:

  • All Updates are completed on a regular basis  both on your computer, your mobile phone, and on your website!  If your plugins, themes and wordpress versions are not updated regularly you are leaving yourself open to viruses.
  • The software on my computer is up to date.
  • Strong passwords are always used.
  • Passwords are not shared or written down. (not sure I agree with this one – you need to have your passwords saved somewhere!)
  • A password is required to access my computer and mobile device
  • Unused programs are removed.
  • Home and business wireless network is secured.
  • Important data is regularly backed up – so easy now with cloud software.
  • Use caution when I browse the Internet.
  • Use caution with emails and social media messages you do not recognize – do not click on links you do not trust!
  • Temporary Internet files are periodically removed.


Make sure that your business is set up on Google My Business.  This means claiming and optimizing your profile.  High caution against all of the companies calling to offer to do this service for you!!!  You always want control of your own Google account!!  Read more about Google My Business


If you just work on stuff that you like and you’re passionate about, you don’t have to have a master plan with how things will play out – Mark Zuckerberg

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