October 9th Own Business Day

October 9th Own Business Day

Good Morning Friends!  Today is Tuesday October 9th

It is “Own Business Day” (second Tuesday of October)

Business owners don’t simply run their business – they live it.  They are social and economic backbones of our communities, creating jobs and serving as role models with their “can do” attitude.

I have had an entrepreneurial spirit ever since I can remember.  I am so grateful today that my business, Dufferin Media has developed into a full time venture.  Dufferin Media offers social media management services to small and medium size businesses.  Dufferin Media has gradually grown and evolved over the past decade to include additional services for clients including Web design, email marketing, SEO, PPC and more.  I am very grateful to be able to dedicate my life to this business.  Sometimes I feel I am living and breathing it.  I am so grateful for my clients and my team, and all of the opportunities that come before me.  We started just serving local businesses around my hometown of Orangeville.  We now have multiple clients in the United States, and across Canada.  Recently we signed on a client from Turks & Caicos.  SO Exciting!!  I am never more excited than when I am working with a new client and learning all about their business, their goals, and developing a strategy for them to work towards those goals.  Being a business owner has many challenges as well as many joys.  Many highs and many lows. I wouldn’t change it for the world.  I love my life.

Today is also:

  • Beer and Pizza Day
  • Curious Events Day
  • Fire Prevention Day
  • Moldy Cheese Day
  • Face your Fears Day
  • World Post Day
  • Scrubs Day
  • National Chess Day

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