Pivot Your Marketing Strategy during COVID19

Pivot Your Marketing Strategy during COVID19

COVID19 Marketing Strategy
Your marketing strategy during COVID19

How to Adjust your Marketing Strategy During COVID19

Good morning fellow business owner. I am sure that the uncertainty of these times is causing you great stress. I know it is for me as well. I’m hoping that I can help guide and inspire you a little bit to set up your business to survive this Pandemic and come out the other side stronger and more successful than ever. The situation is changing rapidly, so you might need to adjust your strategy often. Be prepared to be flexible, open minded, and ready to further adapt even after initially adjusting your strategy.


I can’t stress how damaging this is going to be for the long term success of your business. Do not completely abandon all marketing. Do not allow your social media channels to fall silent. Do not ignore communication with your customers and audience.

First of all, people will forget about you. Out of sight, out of mind.

Secondly, on your social media channels – the algorithms of the platforms will be highly negatively impacted if your posts go silent and your engagement disappears. This is a hard thing to build back up.

Thirdly, you are missing a HUGE opportunity to engage with your audience and your customers in a whole new way.


Now is the time to adjust what you are communicating, and how. Take a good look at your marketing strategy – online, and offline. I’m just going to be noting ONLINE because that is my area of specialty for this article.

ONLINE your previous marketing strategy perhaps included Website: Blogging, SEO, Lead Generation. Social Media: Posting 3 to 5 times per week, a few sales related posts, some informative posts, and some social posts. Email Marketing – monthly newsletters. So take a look at how to adjust this strategy. Perhaps now is not the time to be doing any sales posts, or lead generation.

Sales posts might have a place in your strategy moving forward – as long as they are done in a tactful and meaningful way.

Pivot the content you are sharing so it is helpful to your audience and your local community.

What to share on Social Media During COVID19

The point is here – please do not abandon your social media, or the rest of your marketing strategy. You have an incredible opportunity here to make a lasting impact on your audience. By staying positive, strong, sharing helpful content, you will be first to mind moving forward.

IF YOU NEED ANY HELP with your marketing strategy please don’t hesitate to reach out sarah@dufferinmedia.ca


I realize this statement not apply to every business – if you have been ordered by the government to shut down that is entirely different. However there might still be opportunity here to adapt your business model slightly so you can still service clients in a different way.

***Even if your business is closed right now – please do not go silent.***

If you are a retail business – yes your physical doors may have to close. However what a great opportunity to open an online store. Now more than ever – will so many people at home – online shopping is going to explode.


Think outside of the box here. Adapt and survive. Can you offer products online or via phone or delivery? I’ve seen some incredible examples of business owners adapting and offering alternative methods of sales and service.

Ways you can serve your customers during COVID19

  • Convert to an online store. Putting your product online will be beneficial now – but also in the future. You’ve just expanded your geographical business from your local town to worldwide.
  • Offer porch pick up or delivery of your product
  • Offer online consultation, courses, meetings via Zoom or Google Hangouts, or Facebook Live / Messenger
  • Restaurants – offer takeout and other food products for sale
  • Sell gift certificates now for when you reopen

I hope you find this viewpoint helpful, I’m so encouraged and excited to see how many business owners are doing this already. Pivot and Adapt. Your business will survive and thrive.


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