Post to Facebook Group about Orangeville Pet Store Goes Viral

Post to Facebook Group about Orangeville Pet Store Goes Viral

Facebook Post about Orangeville Pet Store goes viral

A recent post made to a Facebook Group about an Orangeville Pet Store Goes Viral

A concerned visitor to an Orangeville pet store snapped some pictures and posted her concerns online to a Facebook Group “Working together to save pets”. The post immediately started getting shared all over Facebook. Furthermore a petition was launched on Change.org that already has over 2400 electronic signatures. Click the link below to sign / read the petition:

Help Stop the Sale of Puppies and Kittens in Orangeville Pet Stores!

This story went viral – and for the business owner – not in a good way! This is a prime example of how quickly a business can be drastically injured by the powerful voice of social media. Viral stories can create an immediate reaction from the public – sometimes good and sometimes like in this case – detrimental. Reputation Management includes Social Listening – which is the action of actively monitoring what is said on your business on the internet. Including but not limited to Facebook Groups!

If I could make any suggestions to a business owner facing this type of online disaster it would be to publicly and immediately address the concerns – apologize, and promise the public that everything possible is being done to rectify the problem. Then I would suggest an ongoing campaign to showcase that what they have promised is actively being done. Furthermore asking customers for positive reviews and featuring those on their website and social media would be a long term way to hopefully improve their situation.

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