SEO Tip Create Pages That are Friendly for Voice Search

SEO Tip Create Pages That are Friendly for Voice Search

How to use Voice Search to increase SEO
How to use Voice Search to increase SEO

SEO Tip: Create content that is voice search friendly

Tip#49 / 365 Daily tips! Yes that’s right I am sharing a tip every day this year! To subscribe for a daily tip delivered directly to your email please see the bottom of the blog page. Please go ahead and share this post to your social media (I would really appreciate it!). So this is one of those items that I have recently learned more about as I expand my knowledge of search engine optimization.

What is voice search?

Voice search is the functionality on a mobile device that allows a user to perform a search on any subject from directions to weather to “how do I increase my SEO with voice search?”. Mobile users are increasingly using voice search because it is faster and more convenient than typing out searches in their browser. You are probably familiar with Iphone “Suri” – that is voice search. NOW with the introduction of Smart home speakers such as Google Home – Voice Search is more important than ever.

Why is Voice Search Important for SEO?

If you are creating content specific for being found higher on Google Search results – SEO – then being aware of Voice Search is important because if your content is not Voice Search friendly, it might not appear as a result to users searching via voice search. You could potentially be missing out on a LOT of high quality traffic!!

Here are some key statistics about Voice Search in 2019

Voice Search Statistics 2019

How do I make my content Voice Search Friendly?

The most important thing to do is to keep your content clear and concise – using common words and terminology and make sure that your text, titles, tags, and all content is using words that you would say in sentence if you were speaking out loud. Try to avoid slang, jargon, or short forms as that type of content may not get picked up in search results.


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