SEO Tip: Research The Competition

SEO Tip: Research The Competition

SEO Tip Research The Competition
SEO Tip Research The Competition

SEO Tip: Research The Competition

Article#2 / 9 in my SEO Series

In step #1 we picked a good keyword to focus on. I picked “SEO Services” to focus on for the purpose of preparing these articles.

Once you have a keyword selected you want to focus on, the second step is to research the competition. This is fun. You get to “go under cover” and take a look at what your competition is doing and how you can beat them.

How to Search Google In Private?

You don’t want to be retargeted by ads or have your searches showing up on analytics etc – so when you are researching your competition it is better to browse in private mode. Each internet browser has a function that allows you to do this. I use Chrome, and it is called “incognito”

Now I can use this new window to browse in private. So I type in SEO SERVICES to google and look at the top 10 natural search results (not ads). I’m pleased to see that natural results from Google My Business show Dufferin Media as the #1 GMB result for local search. Yay! But ranking my website is going to prove to be harder. For Dufferin Media I only have SEO Services on one page, and it doesn’t include a lot of content. I can see that the top ranking pages have pages with extensive text, images and mentions of the search term. So this can be a strategy for me to improve my page.

Another tool I can use is through the powerful SEO software we have implemented I can “spy on a competitor” so I am going to add a few of the pages I’ve found into my tool and see what suggestions it shows.

So in summary – Step # 2 in an easy SEO do it yourself type exercise is to research the competition for the keyword that you are looking for. In my research today what I discovered is that the number on item I would be looking at is my Google My Business profile. Since Google offers many free webmaster and business owner tools such as Google My Business, Google Analytics, Google Search Console, why not use them to the maximum capacity. The second and equally as important task I have is to look at adding some more content to my pages that talk about SEO because that is clearly what the competition has done.

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