SEO Tip: Write the BEST Content

SEO Tip: Write the BEST Content

SEO Tips
SEO Tips

Article #3/9 SEO Series: Step #3 in Getting Great Search Engine Rankings is to Write the BEST Content

Thank you for following along on my SEO Series

The goal of this series of articles is to share easy to follow tips for business owners, bloggers, and entrepreneurs to help them understand the basics of search engine optimization.

Have you ever heard the saying “content is king”? Well in the SEO world, this is the truest statement of all. Did you know that Google uses over 200 factors in ranking a website? Experts agree the one of the tops 10 factors Google analyzes is the content on your website. So if you are creating CREATE content on your website, providing value to your readers, then this is a huge step to getting better search results.

Writing great content is important anywhere that there is text on your website. Home page, about us, even every single product listing needs to have well written content. The most popular way of creating fresh, SEO friendly content is still blogging. Are you using this as part of your marketing strategy? I love blogging as a strategy for business because it creates relevant fresh content for their website, is good for SEO, and is great to share on social media!

Tips to write great content for SEO

  • Choose your keywords carefully and use them strategically throughout your content
  • Keep your language clear, concise and easy to understand
  • Use voice search friendly words
  • Use good titles that include your keyword
  • Make blog posts over 300 words, but not too lengthy. 800 words is a great goal
  • Limit the use of shortforms or also use the long form of these terms

Overall the most important thing to think about is the user experience when they land on your website. Are you offering them content that has value and is easy to consume? Make your content interesting, and not only will readers keep coming back, Google will too.

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