Social Media For Non-Profit Organization

Social Media For Non-Profit Organization

Adopt a Charity Update – Neighbourhood Information Post

In December, Dufferin Media held an “Adopt a Charity” campaign accepting nominations for a full Digital Marketing Service Package for 2019 for non-profit organizations. The charity that our team selected unanimously was Neighbourhood Information Post. NIP is a Toronto based organization focused on reducing homelessness in Toronto.

On Friday I had the pleasure of speaking with the director and understanding more of their challenges and goals. With all of their volunteers and staff focused on the front line day to day work, nobody has been available to assist with getting their organization out there via Social Media. My heart was truly touched by the earnestness with with she spoke of how they are trying to help the members of their community – Avoid eviction, avoid isolation, overcome the challenges of how mental health, addictions and empower seniors. Some of the services that they offer include a Rent Bank, Seniors Social Programs, Income Tax Preparation for Low Income People.

Our next step will be to start working on the social media accounts. Various volunteers have tried to get these started, but as often happens in non for profits – they get pulled away to front line duties.

Our goal is to get started optimizing the profiles, growing the audience and creating compelling content to garner attention for the amazing work that Neighbourhood Information Post is doing in their community.

Stay tuned for more updates on our progress with Neighbourhood Information Post.

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