facebook tip add a story to your business page bio

Social Media Tip: Add a Story to your Facebook Business Page

Add a Story to the Bio of your Facebook Business Page

Day#127/365 Daily Tips: Add a Story to your Facebook Business Page. This is not to be confused with sharing posts to your story. A Story on your Facebook Business Page is part of the About Us section that makes up your bio. It is a long text form where you can add a number of paragraphs about what your business does, and your “story”. Keep in mind to optimize the text you use in this section for your target keywords. This section has a high chance of being indexed by search engines, and is good for SEO.

The story section is a great way to showcase your main business message and story in your Facebook Profile.

As part of the optimization process of your Facebook Business Page it is a key task to use the Story feature.

Facebook business page Story

Add a Cover Graphic to your Story

The size of the Facebook cover photo for your business page is flexible length, but the ideal width is the same as the regular Facebook cover 820 pixels.

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