Social Media Tip: Include a Call to Action

Social Media Tip: Include a Call to Action

social media tip: include a call to action in your post

Social Media Tip: Include a Call to Action

Good morning and thank you so much for stopping by my website. I love to share knowledge and tips based on my experience in digital marketing and social media marketing. Here is a quick tip that can be very helpful when you are creating sales related content that you are planning to post to your social media channels. If you are sharing information about a product, service, or special offer this is a sales related post. Your goal is to generate revenue and sales from this social media post. My tip for you is to include on these types of post a call to action to make it easier for the customer to buy from you!

What is a Call To Action?

Call to action is a marketing term used extensively in advertising and selling. It refers to any device designed to prompt an immediate response or encourage an immediate sale. Wikipedia

A call to action in social media is making it clear what action the user needs to take to “learn more” “buy now” “download” “shop now” from your social media posts.

Examples of Call to Action

  • Link to website – where the offer is to buy now or download or your contact form
  • Phone number – if you want a phone call
  • Address (if you are a physical location and are asking your customers to come in to buy)
  • Email address – if you are hoping they will email you for more info
  • Request a DM – “Please Direct Message us for more information)

Make it clear what action a potential consumer needs to take next to buy from you so they are more compelled to do so.

I have seen many social media posts that have a great image or video, well written text, and appropriate hashtags but no call to action. By posting in this manner you might lose that sale, because the customer did not know what they needed to do next.


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