Social Media Tip – Never cross post on Social Media

Social Media Tip – Never cross post on Social Media

SOCIAL MEDIA TIP do not cross post on social media platforms


Why You Should Never Cross Post Content on Social Media

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Have you ever been scrolling through Facebook, and you see a post from a business with an account that is tagged using the “@” symbol but that tag is not clickable?  Or have you been looking through Twitter and a post is incomplete, showing a link out to Instagram?  That is because the account owners are cross posting from one platform to another.  Cross posting is when you ask Instagram (for example) to post content directly to Twitter or Facebook automatically when you post it to Instagram.  

There are a number of reasons that this is not suggested as best practice.


Why Cross Posting Doesn’t Work

  1.  The @ Symbol to Tag People won’t work.  If you tag @sarahclarkebiz on Instagram and this post is automatically shared to the Facebook Business Page the user tag will not work on Facebook
  2. If the post is shortened (especially on Twitter) the user can not see your entire message without clicking on the link to Instagram or Facebook – and depending on their computer or device they might actually never get the opportunity to see your full post. 
  3. If you are trying to send users to your website, the link or landing page URL will most likely never travel through to the cross posted platform as clickable.
  4. Negative Perception users might view this as unprofessional, and you may lose followers or potential clients.


To get around this it is suggested you either post to each platform individually or use an automated system such as Hootsuite or Sendible.  Hootsuite even allows the proper tagging feature.  You can still manage multiple accounts, while maintaining the tagging benefits of each.






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