SOCIAL MEDIA TIP do not cross post on social media platforms

Social Media Tip – Never cross post on Social Media

SOCIAL MEDIA TIP do not cross post on social media platforms

Day 8 / 365 Tips

Why You Should Never Cross Post Content on Social Media

(via the automated feed)

Good morning!  Here is tip #8.  Do not link the automated content feed on any of your social media channels.  i.e. do not share content directly from Instagram to your Facebook Page.

Do not link Instagram or Facebook to push content to Twitter….EVER.

I do not mean that it is not okay to share the same content on all of your platforms.  However if you automate this process there are negative consequences that will affect the effectiveness of your post.

Why Cross Posting Doesn’t Work

  1.  The @ Symbol to Tag People won’t work.  If you tag @sarahclarkebiz on Instagram and this post is automatically shared to the Facebook Business Page the TAG will not work on Facebook
  2. If the post is shortened (especially on Twitter) the user can not see your entire message without clicking on the link to Instagram or Facebook – and depending on their computer or device they might actually never get the opportunity to see your full post.  This to me is the most annoying thing for a business to do EVER.  I am an avid Twitter user and when I see this I usually will unfollow the account.  Clearly they just don’t care enough to push content correctly to the platform.  Additionally why make it hard for a follower to see your content?  That just seems counter productive to me.
  3. Negative Perception (see above)  I will get a negative perception of a business that does this because it looks like they just don’t care about me as a user.


To get around this it is suggested you either post to each platform individually or use an automated system such as Hootsuite.  Hootsuite even allows the proper tagging feature.

So please please please do not cross post and if you want more out of Twitter for the love of all that is good please unlink your Facebook & Instagram feed.





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