Social Media Tip – Plan Ahead

Social Media Tip – Plan Ahead

social media tip plan ahead

Social Media Tip – Plan Ahead and Create a Marketing Calendar

Life sure is busy – so how on earth will you ever keep up with everything? One of my favourite tools is to plan ahead for any of my own social media networks or for my clients and create a content / marketing calendar. Planning ahead will save you so much time and aggravation! For example I have now created an excel spreadsheet to plan ahead my daily blog topics from now until the end of February. This will make my time so much more efficient now I can focus on writing the posts and creating the graphics.

I also love to plan out a monthly marketing calendar for the year. This allows me to have an overview of what types of posts I want to work on for the year – summarized by month.

When we are working with a client for social media management we usually working on content one month in advance. So for example right now (January 20th) we are pretty much done with February ad copy creation. (Images + Text have been created and sent to our internal review team for proof reading). We plan out in advance what to post on social media channels so that during the month we can work on actually growing the accounts and managing interaction.

I find planning ahead a very useful strategy to use to be more efficient. There are lots of online tools to assist with this. Furthermore scheduling your content using a system like Hootsuite will free up even more time. (they even have a handy bulk uploader you need to try!!!)


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