Social Media Tip: Use Polls to Increase Engagement

Social Media Tip: Use Polls to Increase Engagement

Social Media Tip
Social Media Tip

Social Media Tip: Create a Poll to Encourage Engagement

Day#132/365 If one of your goals is to create discussion and encourage engagement on your platforms, you can use Polls in your content strategy to achieve this. Especially on Twitter, Polls are a great feature to ask simple questions or industry specific questions to get conversation going!

I posted a poll to Twitter this morning, and after 4 hours I’ve already had 300 impressions and 8 responses.

From the Hootsuite Blog

As explained by Twitter, “Twitter Polls allow you to weigh in on questions posed by other people on Twitter. You can also easily create your own poll and see the results instantly.” Responding to a poll gives you a chance to share what you’re feeling with other Twitter users, while hosting a poll will provide valuable insight into what your followers think and feel.

Benefits of running a Twitter Poll include:

  • Direct social listening opportunities
  • Easy to measure
  • Ease of use for both audience and creator
  • Real-time results
  • Quick customer service feedback
  • Participant anonymity
  • Openness of polls to any Twitter user

Ideas for Twitter Polls

  • Tea or Coffee
  • Beach / Pool / River
  • Camping, hotel, glamping, other
  • Dog Person, Cat person, Rodent Person (Pets)
  • Social Media – what is your favourite platform

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