include video as part of your social media content plan

Social Media Tip Use Video as part of your Content Plan

include video as part of your social media content plan

How to start using Video as part of your social media content plan

Day #46 / 365 Social Media Marketing Tips. Good morning friends hope you are ready for the WEEKEND because I know I am!! Today my tip is to start using video in your content plan. This is one of my own personal goals for 2019. I am not comfortable in front of a camera, so really my own personal fears have been holding me back from using video as part of my video strategy both for my business and for my personal brand. I was part of a great Twitter Chat yesterday where I got some good ideas and I’m working on getting started. I have started doing a few videos on my Youtube Channel:

Why use video in your Social Media Marketing Strategy

Video content is an ever growing style of social media content sharing. Why? The statistics don’t lie. Video gets more engagement. Users are consuming more video hours every single day. Video makes your social media channels more human.

Ways that you can get started using Video for your business

  • Start a youtube channel and upload videos (this one is the most obvious)
  • Share videos in your social media content – its even really easy to share any videos from Youtube such as relevant industry videos, how to, throw back, favourite songs etc
  • Use your phone to take little videos and share to your social media
  • There are stock videos available from sites such as pexels such as this one:

Using Youtube to boost your Video Content Strategy

One of my goals is to use my Youtube Channel more – this is way beyond my comfort zone so please keep this in mind when watching I am working on getting less awkward and using the word “so” “like” lol.

Once you have started creating video content and it is on Youtube it can be easily shared to your social media channels or embedded in your website like the video below “How to Invite Friends to Like your Facebook Page”

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