Stay in the Solution

Stay in the Solution

Stay in the Solution

Stay in the Solution

I had a boss once say “If you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem”. I’ve never forgotten that, and have applied that concept to many situations over the years.

Also when I was going through my very difficult divorce, I had more than one person tell me to “Stay in the Solution”, when my panicking mind wanted to veer into all of the fear and what ifs.

Our World has now been turned upside down with the COVID19 Pandemic. Nothing is now as it was even a few weeks ago, and I doubt that will ever be the same again.

And yet, with all of the terrible news…..there are also incredible stories of kindness and resilience. Everyday workers such as grocery store clerks are now our front line heroes. Communities are rallying together to come up with solutions to combat the Pandemic, and help the members of their community that are most vulnerable. Manufacturers are retooling their lines to start making life saving equipment and safety gear for the hospital workers.

Those that are staying focused on the problem are living in fear and helping to fuel the panic and disorder. Those staying in the solution are helping the world move forward together.

How to Stay Focused on the Solution

Reduce the amount of time you are spending watching the news and reading the stats about the number of cases, death rates, and horror stories. Just shut that off for a while.

Focus on what you can do today in your personal life, your job, or your home to do something that is part of the solution. What action can you take today to help your family or your community? (here is a hint – yesterday I donated a small sum of money to our local hospital, and just that small action helped me get into the solution).

On social media – share POSITIVE content! Uplift your audience, share a positive story or a motivational quote. Share a post from a local business that has adapted to serving its clients.

Retrain your thoughts. It takes work, but when you find yourself in fear and your thoughts running away from you – reign those thoughts back in and focus instead on something positive and something that is in the solution.

We can’t control most of what is happening in the world today, but we can control our thoughts and our behaviours. Stay in the solution, and your day will go much smoother.

Sending many blessings to you and your family, may you be safe and healthy and be able to focus on love, kindness and gratitude today.


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